Rosa Parks - 55 Years Ago Today She Took A Stand By Keeping Her Seat

And launched the Montgomery (Alabama) Bus Boycott. She was arrested for refusing to give her seat to a white man, as required by the Jim Crow law of the day. The Boycott lasted 381 days before the fight to desegregate buses was won. But it didn't happen easily. Racist citizens banded together with the police to do all they could to break the boycott. Police harassed and arrested carpool drivers, bombs were set off at African-American homes and churches. The issue came to national attention. A federal judge ruled that the segregation was unconstitutional. The decision was appealed to the Supreme Court who upheld the decision.

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it is an inspirational story for us all,no matter what race,creed or colour<br />
its these things that truly spark change,no matter how inconciquential it seems at the time,a bit like emily pankhurst,or anybody who makes a stand,inspite of the suffering it may cause 4the greater good

thank you for posting this. many people need to read this. many people need to understand that rosa parks was a great help to getting all races to be seen as equal. so again thank you

Thank You for posting this inspirational story.

I don't know if it was courage or just fed up or a little bit of both. It really does not matter, because she was a spark that started a movement that stopped a policy of two rules one for the non-whites and one far whites--a clear violation of the constitutiion. <br />
I contend that she gave not only blacks, but whites the courage to speak up for against the horrors that treated blacks so harshly. If her actions and those of Dr. King did not appeal to the humanity of God fearing whites, I believe the boycott and the actions that followed would have resulted in a policy similar to that of Native Americans.

Thanks for posting that story.<br />
Rosa was an amazing and courageous person. We have come so far in so little time and yet we have still so far to go.

Every time I see a story like this I'm shocked that 55 years ago there was such discrimination. Not to say there is no discrimination now because there is (lots sadly). but 55 years ago an African-American was expected to give up his/her set just because they are not like you. Make me sad and think there is no hope for the human race.

Yes, we could certainly use more like her today.

I just came across your contribution! :-) I hope you don't mind me commenting, but i just had to say!, "i watched the film, only this morning" about Rosa Parks and what she stood for, it was really moving and an insperational film, i thought she was just a wonderful woman! who! certainly was not "afraid", (if that is the correct term to use) she surely had "guts and determination", i admired her!!,. Thank you! for sharing and for the link,. :-)

Good for her and you, for posting this story. A while back in the Q&A section a few people answered a Q that they thought Rosa was hispanic due to her name. If they knew more about her determination and courage they would have known who she was and for what she is now known & appreciated in changing.