Racism And Asian Reaction

Do Asian people know when they are being discriminated against?  Do they know and understand the subtleties?  Do they know they contribute to their own stereotyping by constantly categorizing what type of Asian another Asian person is?  Do they know that by staying quiet or pretending they dont experience racism only contributes more their own devaluation?

I just want to know if there is anyone out there understand what I am talking about here.

I am and Asian profession working in Los Angeles California, and I have to say I deal with discrimination and an imbalance in the social structure every single day I walk out the door to do my job.  I am frustrated and tired.  Even as I write this I am having a difficult time trying to put into words everything I am feeling....because I am so tired and hurt
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It sounds like internalized racism.

BlueFairy00, although I agree with you on some things, such as your outrage towards the fact that Asians get paid less BUT the power to speak up in class for instance is mostly in their hands. When I first came to Canada, I didnt know much English and stayed quite in classrooms most of the time. Nobody cares. And I cant blame anyone for not empowering me. <br />
There can also be cultural differences. North Americans are generally more aggressive, whereas many other cultures are not so. I came from the latter, so really had to fight off my shyness and speak up (Im half asian by the way). <br />
And what about you: you're a professor now! You probably have to speak all the time in class! What I'm trying to say is, there is alot of unfairness out there, but the power to change is in people's hands...even though it can be hard.

FeasibilityStudy, either you've not been out in the working world or like a lot of Asians, you have not really wanted to honestly face the reality of the situation. Look ob<x>jectively at the people around you. I go into many offices and I see Asian people working quietly behind a cubicle and never in an executive position. I know they are not being paid fairly either because I have heard and seen it from an inside source. <br />
<br />
I thought things would have changed since my college years when as an Asian student I was excluded from class discussion. Now that I'm taking continuing education courses from UCLA I see the same problem. I see minority students including Asians sit quiet and not participating. But this time I am not so young and naive to not speak up. Fortunately other students have noticed this inequity as well and have come to my aid but I wonder how these younger minority college students are able to handle it these days <br />
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If you are a young girl and just busy trying to go out on dates you may not care or even realize but once all that interest dies and you have to really make a living on your own, I guarantee you will face the same obstacles I am facing.<br />
<br />
Please be aware. You are not a special minority who can outwit the problem. You can only overcome by facing it.

im part Cherokee(they look Asian) and feel some whites dont like indians or native americans<br />
<br />
it can be creepy because i look white<br />
<br />
but the whole world is messed up so who cares

I agree with you. American born might be a little different, but most of asians are in denial. <br />
Other races walk all over us, becouse we let them. <br />
It is bad to spread racizm, Asians need to be a little more racist themselfs (Besides we always can call it asian pride, and through some good words, like "freedome of speach")

Hi. No worries! People are idiots that only see what they wanna see! How you see yourself is most important. Don't let other people ruin your day, k! Take care and have a good day :)

I have heard about it. Haist! just be yourself, do your job and be happy...

I know what you mean..... I think most people just talk talk about it in order to avoid conflict and just go with it as if it is a fact of life.