The Ucla Debacle

Recently, Alexandra Wallace, a student at UCLA received a lot of negative publicity for her ignorant, racist remarks. She sent out a YouTube video putting down the Asians who attend the prestigious university. The response from the Asian online community was tremendous!  Just google her name to read more about it.  

If anything, she made Americans look bad...especially blond women.
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2 Responses Mar 21, 2011

I don't think she deserved a digital lynching. But why videotape herself with her comments? Not only that, but she wasn't just making a comment, she was mimicking Asians talking on the phone in the library. Sounded pretty racist to me.

I don't think she was "hating" on all Asians. She was commenting (very briefly -- less than 3mins) on differences in cultural norms. The Asian community--especially those who were not raised in the States--do have a different social standard of how to behave in the public space. To remark on a cultural difference or even to find it mildly irritating should not be conflated with being a racists who thinks other ethnic groups are genetically inferior.<br />
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I have a roommate from Afghanistan. His mother also cleans up after him and makes all his meals and he is almost 30. It's a cultural difference between the Middle East and the US. Personally I think it is rude to make an elderly motherly clean up after your mess, but that is a North America social norm. Disagreeing with social norms is not the exact same thing as racism.<br />
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It was announced on March 18th that Alexandra has dropped out of school because of the non<x>stop threats and harassment. Is that really a good thing? Should we all clap and chant "USA! USA!" now?<br />
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She was not a rcist, but the digital lynch mob wouldn't stop until her life was destroyed. Is that really what America has been reduced too? Is this really something that we should be proud of?