Racism Is A Tactic Of The Ignorant

This song represents a message to someone who recently made very racist comments about myself and my wife.
I will never respect a racist. A racist lives in their own--mental slum-- suffering from the emotional poverty of ignorance.

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Incredible band... totally my style...and about racism IT IS TOTALLY OUTDATED!!!

I greet each and every person I meet as just that.A person.
A racist misses out on many joys in life.

I'm glad that you took care of the creep. There are some great people on here, but there are some real ******** too.

Thank you kindly affinityterra.
Indeed--you are most correct.
There is no shortage of ******** on the internet.

amen on that one affinity......but the great folks make the "scape-offs" ya gotta do with the a-holes well worth it... :)

samitoto has been blocked as well as flagged--
for his ignorant and inappropriate statement.
He is but a youngster--
but a vile one--
who needs others to establish the boundaries--
he cannot quite fathom on his own.

I doubt this jerk is a kid posting on his first day......Profiles this new know EXACTLY what they're doing and it's never a random thing. Usually some disturbed troll you pissed off while scraping them off yourself or me. Or maybe a disgruntle "bound" person coming back with an even more twisted attitude. Not like she didn't change her name and age more often then her underwear before.... Now she is probably mad that the message you finally sent her was all business and a total shut down....Some folks just need meds and therapy wayyy more then they need EP...... :D.

I quite agree my love.
I was being rather facetious.
I do not think it is the mad woman--returned--
For as glaringly ignorant--
as this remark is--
it is not as dysfunctional as her usual take-- =D

Come to think of it ....you're right.....this was pathetic but not quite as sorry as her crap was....

**** u nig

Sa mi to to..
don't hate what you don't know afraid of what you see. We lose control when we can't control , but there is nothing we can control per se . You are such an young soul don't let fear to destroy your ability to see and enjoy beauty in things and people that are aborigenes to you.
Don't hate , there is no need.

grantmepeace--<br />
The song states an inability to accept a given perspective. <br />
I hold little to no tolerance for hatred. <br />
I dislike-mistrust and find my own nature to he highly non-compatible with many. <br />
I seek to limit proximity too and exchanges with these individuals.<br />
If I cannot come to understand or accept them.<br />
I simply need to maintain distance--away from them.<br />
If they break no laws.<br />
They have every right to exist within their own individuality.<br />
Hatred does not bring about understanding.<br />
Nor does it increase the distance between myself and those I hold no feeling for.<br />
Hatred merely fuels more hatred.<br />
<br />
I have met--many times--with racism.<br />
I am one half Cherokee and the other half Japanese. <br />
Sierra is a European mix.<br />
While our heritage brings much to who we are.<br />
We all must further define ourselves through our actions and words.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your open minded acceptance.<br />
As well as your thoughtful comment.

See, this is what is the best thing about EP and other places like it. People origins don't matter. I have no idea what your origins are, nor Sierra's. They aren't important. You are simply people I admire. You could be a short fat tall skinny blond red haired young old man and she could be a monkey, and I wouldn't care. You are only who you are in your hearts and minds. And that is all I see or care about. As for the song, I'm not sure what it had to do with racism, but then I had a hard time hearing the words. It sounded more like a protest against all forms of non acceptance.

I want to thank each of you who so generously contributed to this topic. I wish I had the luxury of time to reply to each poster but I do not. I also wish to thank you all for keeping the discussion poised in an intellectual range and maintaining it there. <br />
<br />
@Jimmy--I do hold favor with your stance. I happily welcome you to hijack any topic of mine with your concise clarity. Even, were I not to agree, I always respect a fine delivery of thought. <br />
<br />
@ RichardRabbit--I have seen many practitioners of various faiths find peace and solace as well as comfort and strength through their beliefs. I think it's the underlying concepts and foundational functioning in the formation of the religious--cores-- that sets the patterns for judgment, fear and hatred.<br />
<br />
<br />
@ the group--I do not think a deity is at fault or the belief in said deity. It always comes down to human kinds structural delivery of those beliefs and the--rules-- posed along side that cause the confusion and inevitably the rebellion of others. <br />
Hate may come to us through genetic predisposition but if handled with care and focus those energies that fuel hatred can be redirected into something better and far more productive. It takes ambition, understanding and effort to achieve and therein lies the next problem. <br />
Laziness and it's brothers greed and arrogance. People want, what they want, when they want it. Like large infants many adults want everything given to them in the moment with no effort. This is where religion has become no more than a handy crutch for many. Thank a deity for--giving--the bounty and blame a demon for all the negatives. It's essentially saying, --it's my job man--<br />
Whenever we-- want-- harder than we-- think-- we run into the emotions that breed the very worst our species offers.<br />
<br />
Until we all learn to step back, become silent and truly contemplate. We will keep going around this same circle.

jimmy.. you speak truth. thanks. I appreciate that.

What really irritates me is when people who claim they are not racist laugh at racist jokes. I don't see anything funny about them at all and they sound really cruel. I'm dating someone right now who is a different race than I am and I love her a lot. Race doesn't matter to me whatsoever. The only thing that matters in the relationship I have with her is love. :) <br />
<br />
People who actually are racist are mostly just people who are trying to find an excuse to not like someone and it is one of the stupidest excuses I have ever heard. Basically to be a racist you would have to be a very hateful person.

smooches, if i could have liked your comment twice, i would have! <br />
<br />
looking4 and sie... * sigh * hugs, you guys. that totally sucks.<br />
<br />
jimmy and michael, on religion as the source of ... whatever... i have this to say: i don't think it's fair to throw quite so much emphasis on that one direction. I agree with most of what you have to say. It's just that the prevalence of spirituality and religious belief is proof of people looking in a positive direction. I think religion getting carjacked by power-hungry selfish interest is a mark against the acquisitor, not the faith. Blame the man who leads the sheeple, not the sheeple. Pity the sheeple. It could have been anything: religion, economics, politics... any infrastructure that allows megalomaniacs influence and control will look like it is itself the demon, but it's the minds at work within that are the true source of the cancer.<br />
<br />
anyway, as a mixed-race child in an intemperate world, grrrrrrrrr.

Thanks for al the in-put folks.... I love to read the differing thoughts. <br />
<br />
Jimmy you NEVER hi-jack a thread. You add to the depth and level of understanding many of us relate to so well. Just when you are trying to convince me that I overestimate you. You write something like this that simply convinces me I have actually "underestimated" you!!<br />
<br />
I do agree that religion has "taught" the masses to believe one group is superior to another. If religion was more about honoring a deity and less about acquisition and power, via untruths and implausible tales, it would hold far more meaning for many. <br />
<br />
More blood has been shed in the interests of religious power mongers than for any other single cause during our planets entire past. That alone says so much.<br />
<br />
Michael, while I do believe "fear" was the original catalyst to hatred. It was capitalized on, literally 'groomed' and "used" as a key tool of control by the power brokers of the past. Many if not a controlling percentage of these power mongers, through much of that past, were part of the hierarchy of Christianity. <br />
<br />
Now, I have no qualms with folks who believe in whatever faith they feel called to believe in but this is simply my understanding through my own learning.

My apologies to sort of hi-jack this topic... Wasn't my intention...<br />
I like Five-Fingered Death Punch, by the way : )

@Michael820:<br />
"Fear of the other" never results in racism. It's racism which results in fear of the other.<br />
In ancient times, when life wasn't something to be sure about, encountering other clans often resulted in a clash, yes, but that had nothing to do with racism but everything with protecting harbor and goods from being pillaged in those times of need.<br />
But, at the same time, there were clans who openly welcomed strangers and shared what they had, regardless of how much they had themselves...<br />
Racism only started to rear its ugly head after the colonisations and the "great debate" in the church wether different colored people, like Africans or Indians or American Born Originals had a soul yes or no. Since it was decided they had not, those people were looked upon as "savages" and "inferior" to the arrogant white folks... That's where racism comes from...

@ jrj : You're absolutely right ! Here in EUR, our parents knew Nazy's "colonization " during 5 years. Those guys never suffers other people who are not birth with " holly german blood ". Stupidity & racism just like nazism are still on earth. Since more than two millenium a little fraction of mankind try to dominate the remainder, in name of religion, color, or dimension of their c*ck. Thoses stupid guys are like leprosy. Alas, seems to be a never ending story !

Excuse me for saying so, but racial discrimination comes from the same corner as the two-faced religion we call christianity. It's the feeling of supremacy from certain individuals that live under the illusion that the white people are the cherry on the pie of creation.<br />
The ku-kux-klan or white anglo-saxon protestants are all moronic eggs from the same badly woven basket.<br />
No-one is born with hate. All racial discrimination is being TAUGHT to our children, thanks to elitist idiots who think that the color of our skin is determinal for the degree of so-called civilization.<br />
I guess a lot of self-righteous folk must be near suicide when they learn that Jesus of Nazareth was in fact a Jew and that the roman catholic church was a Jewish sect back in 70AD; and that all genetical evidence points to somewhere in the vicinity of Kenia in Africa as the origins of man.<br />
Anyway, the only thing I have ever learned from racial slurs is, first of all, who the dangerous morons are and secondly that -regardless of my pacifist nature- I'm still prepared to put up a fight to get rid of simplified views and Nazi tactics in order to put the blame on someone else instead of looking at our own behaviour.<br />
Also, I may be a pacifist; I'm not the "present-the-other-cheek" kind... so, should you choose to don your pointy hat, make sure to do it near a hospital when I'm in your neighborhood ; )

Leave the stupidity, the ignorance and the frustration in the head of those who cannot suffer the differences. It is easy to criticize, to judge, to compare, to offend. It is very difficult to be at first a man or a woman opened to the others, in a spirit of understanding and altruism. Those who imagines to be upper to the others are dwarfs, those who look in a mirror to make better are giants.<br />
Courage & fortitude, You're not alone on EP board. I said !

I totally agree what everyone has said...<br />
<br />
Affinity, I'm so sorry you deal with this sort of crap too. :(<br />
<br />
Michael, You're sooo right. There is only ONE race...Now if some of these folks could just figure out how to be a decent human within that one race, we'd all do better.... <br />
<br />
justme, I appreciate the bluntness....This is a topic I can get pretty heated about too and it doesn't do me a bit of good because the ones I get the most heated with are the most stupid.... :(

*hugs*..This is my most favorite, "You really ticked me off" song!! But I heard about it first from YOU! <br />
You are, oh so right though. Only very ignorant folks say stuff like that and it's that sort of thinking that ends up making others hate them for it. So then they end up unhappy as well as ignorant...