I'm White And People Think They Can Put Down Black People In front Of Me.

I HATE Racism. I have a mixed son at which I love him dearly. He is the cutest boy I know. My mom was dating a complete jerk who always stated bad comments about black people. I wanted to kill him. He knew it made me angry so he keep saying them. I couldn't do anything because my daughter lived with my mother their. I finally got my mom to see the light or she did on her own. However she is out of that relationship thank God. I wounder how stupid a person must be to talk about people they don't know and put them down. I think people who bring the black race down are stupid, cruel, and angry people. I have a best friend that is Mexican, a boyfriend that is black and a mixed baby. I hate Racism it is so stupid! 
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omg im mixed 75 25 my mom is mixed 50 50 and she says tht bc were mixed we have white beauty and black beauty and one clors have nice beauty and whtever there color is

I do hope we will open the lines of communication and learn to discuss all of the facts. Only then will we be able to make changes and overcome the tremendous effect that race continues to have on the perception of black male and females in America.

I am very proud and happy to meet people like you. Honestly we need more people in the world like you.

I think people who are racist are influenced and raised to be that way in most cases, but it's too bad that they can't learn to be more open to other ways of thinking and just to other people. It really does make me want to avoid a person when I hear them talk so badly about other races, because if someone thinks and speaks that passionately terribly about another human being, that says something about their personality, I would think. I think it shows that they are very close minded and not very willing to try to see things from other peoples' points of view. Also, that they are not able to be compassionate, empathetic, and that they are generally negative people. This is not to say that all racists are bad people-- I'm sure there are plenty of great, fun-loving, racist people-- but i think racism is a mindset that typically affects our views on life in general and our purpose in life.

I dont approve of racist people... I feel it is worldly unappropriate to be racist...

i worked at place that a racial problm and it made me mad not cuz they were black but becuz they were my freinds but then i did something that is hard as a white person i looked in the mirror and saw it from their point of veiw and if i wuz black i wuld have been mad at the garbarge written on the bathroom wall

thats great

omg I know what you mean! i don't pay attention to skin color, but somehow the people I tend to fall for or be closest with are black and mixed. maybe its because white people spend too much time talking about other races. idk why that's even looked at when judging somebody. <br /><br />
my 2 best friends for life are black and mixed and I would defend them til the end! a person is a person! your race, religion, or culture doesn't change that. its like Asians have tentacles, hispanics have tails, blacks have beaks and so on rendering them different. we all need to stop judging, and start loving

hey jen.... i am a black woman and truly agree with you. in my opinion its not the color of the skin its who you are inside. i have lots of friends from different race, culture, color, and etc... i have a friend i known for twenty years who is a black woman. my friend is dating a white man. my friend always date white men. the problem is she puts down the black race. she never speaks good about blacks. she talks highly of the man she dates. we went to grammer school and highschool together. and we was taught well about our black leaders and how they fought hard for us. how could she put us down as black people. i pray for her that she stop living in la la land and come to reality

If you think about it, you can't be racist to racist people because "racist" isn't a race. It's just a sick and twisted state of mind. I don't understand racism at all. I don't understand why people think that because someone is a particular race that they are instantly a bad person. I have heard someone at school once say that they hated all Arabic people and he said they were all terrorists. I know another guy who hates Mexican people. I mean he is a pretty good friend to me and is a pretty cool guy most of the time, but I just don't understand why he thinks the way he does of them.