Racism In Small Town Missouri? Who Would Have Thought It!

Yes, I live in the middle of nowhere, and as is very common for such locations, there are many racists.
One of many possible examples I could use is the time I was on a bus for a school trip, and the boy sitting in front of me was going off on a rampage of bigotry. Oh the things he was saying...
There were many curse words and slurs, but the worst part of it all is when somebody is obviously racist, but then finish off their rant with: "I'm not racist, I have black friends."
Sure you do, kid. Sure you do.
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4 Responses Jun 2, 2011

There's PLENTY of racism in Missouri. Hell, the Klan is less than an hour from St. Louis.

I know a man who uses the "n-word" but insists he's not racist. I told him I don't want to hear it for ANY reason.

Not Only in Missouri!!<br />
look,; Lincoln, Nebraska! HQ of the NSDAP/AO!!

look what's going-on a Iran!!<br />
Ahmadinedjad is a biggest Rasciste and Antisemite-( interesting,because the Moslims allso a people Semitic!!)-this 21th century!!!

That's always the way to tell isn't it, the old "I'm not racist, but" line.