I Grew Up In a Multicultural Neighborhood

Last year I spent some time reflecting on my childhood and education as part of a course I was taking, and I came to realize how privileged I was to grow up in a multicultural neighborhood.  Many of my friends through school and beyond have been from varying races, religions, cultures.  The neighbors on my street where I live, not far from where I grew up, represent many different areas of the world.  How lucky I am to have grown up accepting and believing that we are all equal, we all have the same basic wants, needs, desires, goals and dreams.  We are all a part of the human race, and only in our outward appearance do we really differ.  I feel sorry for those who cannot seem to see this, because when we cannot accept others, it means we really cannot accept ourselves.

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What you're talking about here, mai7, is developing compassion and understanding -- so, so important! Steps along the path of spiritual maturity. Your comments remind me of an old story I wrote awhile back...:<br />
<br />
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It'is only natural to want to be around people of your own race... or things you are familiar with. It's a fact, you are more comfortable. But for someone to hate you for your race or skin color is terrible. Rejection is such a terrible feeling. You can not help the race you are born in. You learn to deal with rejection and you learn to accept things you have no power over. I'm happy in my skin. I love people..I'm very friendly...but sometimes I have to back up because a lot of people don't like friendly people....they have so much hurt inside. (and that doesn't have to be racism.Some people have a hard time deciphering that fact). I get rejection sometimes... it doesn't seem to touch me anymore..It doesn't bother me. It use to..and it would so bad..and now I really believe the shield GOD has around me keeps the pain away. Sometimes I find myself smiling.."she's had a bad day "I think to myself. But really it's her problem not mine. I'm not looking to be a victim. I'm in charge of what kind of day I will have. So, there.

Well said, NICOlives! It IS such a waste of energy, I so agree. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Peace, light and hugs.

Right on. I'm from a very mixed background, and I've been lucky enough to live in several parts of the world as a child and young adult. When I see or hear arguments supporting separatism, some inherent racial difference, or anything similarly divisive it actually, almost inevitably brings me to tears. <br />
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It's such a waste of human energy. Every barrier we as a species (or family?) have put up has been through fear and ignorance, and every barrier simply causes more fear and ignorance. I really feel sorry for people who won't open up and embrace our connectedness. We can build as many walls as we want, but the grass still grows the same on either side. Beautiful story, by the way. Made me cry a little, but in a nice way. Peace x

Thank you for your nice comment, armyourself :) I do understand where you're coming from -- comments like these are very upsetting, and it may feel good to speak your mind. But it takes another mindset to transcend such limited, deluded thinking on the part of those who think like she does. I know your heart is in the right place. But I find we can be more effective through understanding, though it may take some patience and time. I suppose there are times, though, when we need to stand up and fight to be heard. I can appreciate this also.

Dee67 I know your take the high road, more subtle approach, is a good way to go, but you and I both know. The likes of LoriTG and the chance, of them changing their evil ways are, slim to none. Possibly the only way they will change, is if they witnessed undeniable acts of an Angel. And I get this sense, that you are one of those Angels, so I guess I stand corrected. Only thing is I have more fun with my approach, of setting them in their place. I'm sorry for my comment, if you feel it setback your cause, of making the world a better place, for us all.

hehe -- that is rather curious, isn't it caseygee? But please be careful -- 'white' people do not have a problem with 'coloured' people. Some may. But making such sweeping generalized statements is also discriminating and no different from what you complain of.<br />
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I think the whole basis of discrimination of any sort is fear. Ugly comments like those from LoriTG (and I did her a favour and deleted the second set she left, which were awful) show one's ignorance and lack of looking deeply at the world. It is unfortunate. But I suspect that life will have some hard lessons when we refuse to look and see.<br />
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armyourself -- you're making assumptions, and trying to back people into a corner isn't going to help them see it your way. I think we have to *be* the change we want to see in the world (I think maybe it was Gandhi who said these wise words). We can't change the people around us, we can only change ourselves. And through being the change we want to see, we affect other people. And the world changes, one baby step at a time.

What I find strange, is where 'white' people have a problem with coloured people. Then as soon as the sun comes out, they want to transform the colour of their skins and expect people to accept them with a new colour. Weird or what?

LoriTG you and anyone like you, are a disgrace to mankind, shame on you, for making the rest of us, standup for what is right. I wonder do you have a sign on your lawn posting your views, or let me guess, you're a coward huddled in the corner. A shut in, hiding behind closed doors and drawn curtains, what a waste. May god bless you and inturn let you out of your thin skinned shell. My friend, drug dealers, criminals period, come in all colors, same as good honest people. When you break out of your shell, and open your eyes, you will see that for yourself.

I am really disappointed at loriTG<br />
people shy away from what the dont understand,,,,and the fact that you have hatred in your heart shows that you have alot of growing to do. Color is nothing more than its name. I feel terribly sorry for you

Dee67-Correct, and thats why woman aren,t presidents, No, i was only joking! I like womans

I agree, click, there is a time and place for kicking butt, lol, but doing so out of anger, instead of out of more careful considerdation, is rarely effective.

Not an easy thing to do, eh? It's much easier to sling back with what is being dished out. But if we are to have any chance of making changes in the world, we need to learn to control this impulse and think things thru a little clearer. Thanks for bringing this up, Tas, I appreciate the opportunity to bring this out :)

Dee67- You are right, but even Buddah had to kick some you know what for it to be peace. PS: I dont believe in buddah, its only a saying!

yes, you are right :)

I considered deleting such comments (and I did delete a second set of awful comments awhile ago), but I feel it's even more important to accept people where they're at, before we can have any influence and hope to make changes in this world. :)

Gosh! <br />
<br />
Dee I am surprised at you allowing argy bargy like this on your sweet story.

clickmediabuyer -- please consider that your comments are only serving to spread more hate -- fighting ugliness with yet more ugliness makes no sense. I understand your hurt at such horrible comments, but making more of the same will not change anyone's mind. Only thru love and compassion can we hope to make a difference in the world. Please try to open your heart and mind and give this some serious consideration. Blessings all around.

LoriTG- Color people? you sound like a 2 year old fighting over which colored pencils are better! Dont you ever Eva Discriminate you sick minded low life, i bet you sell your **** cabage online You prostitution *****! ok, joking aside! The more people you hate, the more people will hate you!

"Soul has no musical geographical or racial boundaries".<br />
<br />
Very nice, TheRejected. Once we have experienced the depths of our own soul, we see this clearly.<br />
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I live in Malaysia, if anyone knows is a country with rich cultural treasures of different races.. We have Malay,Chinese,Indian,Thai,Nyonya and Baba(Chinese+Malay),Mamak(Malay+India) living here, with different lifestyle, culture,religions..<br />
Even it has been 53 years we are living together since the independent day, we hardly known each other as 'Malaysian race' but rather call him/her as a chinese, or malay, or an indian in which in return, creating the micro-but-yet-enormous-gap(what that means??lol) between us..<br />
<br />
I do believe it happens everywhere throughout the globe, which is a sad thing indeed..It takes unbearable time and efforts to form the one, but its possible..<br />
<br />
"Soul has no musical geographical or racial boundaries"-Roy Ayers

Perhaps you could consider that the only thing 'colored' is the set of lenses you're choosing to look through to view the world with, LoriTG. I feel very sorry that you have to see things in this way, and I'm sure you have your reasons. However, there are no absolutes in this world, except maybe Love itself. I would challenge you to look much, much deeper than you currently are. In order for peace to prevail, all that is really required is acceptance. This comes with opening your heart. I will pray that this may happen for you.

Great thoughts, Dee. :^)

Thanks, Des. This is something I have learned over time. I just wish more people would understand this. Intolerance of others is something I really cannot tolerate, lol :)

You are so on point, "..when we cannot accept others, it really means we cannot accept ourselves"