I'm White And Still Experienced Racism!

I moved to England when I left home from Northern Ireland, and experienced many mild racist taunts, I can't begin therefore to imagine what more severe racism must feel like. It made me angry and a little ashamed and upset. It made me feel like an outsider.
This was maybe only 15 or so years after landlords often posted up 'no dogs. no blacks. no Irish'
I think racism is pointless, cruel, divisive, and um, stoooopid.
However, I count myself extremely fortunate that I was not taunted or bullied at school, I have never been attacked physically, or had to suffer humiliating or degrading treatment solely for the colour of my skin, for that I can be thankful. I am also proud of my roots, troubled though they've been. Regards Jeff
IrishJeff IrishJeff
41-45, M
Feb 14, 2012