i hate racism and discrimination. Im mexican and been in the U.S. all my life and grew up in a white neighborhood. The reason im talking about this now is because i just had a talk with my mom and her boyfriend. She mexican and hes white. My mom never knew why mexican terms or when someone calls you "mexican" were insults but i explained to her and shes now and keeps saying ive never saw it like that. I kind of/dont look mexican but i have been discriminated all my life because people know i am. I hate how different colors of people get judged because the way they look. I cant stand it! It shouldnt be like that. I have to discriminated before but I know its completely wrong so therefore I do treat everyone always the same but i just wish racism would stop. Why cant we all be friends?
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I dont like race period. Especially since I dont know what half of me is--I never met my father, and apparently my mom was messing around with two dudes, and she doesnt even know which one is my father, she just has her guess. I finally found the one she guesses it is years ago, and he was basically like well, I wasnt the only one so who knows if I am even your father? During this time I also found out that hes a drunk and wont work but lives off his woman. Loser. I hope hes not my father. He didnt offer to pay for a test of course.

People always have their opinions---when they see someone they get their impressions----fat, skinny, short, tall, same race, nice, freak, cute, and the list goes on. No matter what anyone is, always show them the same respect, that you would want for yourself, even if they are narrow minded. The truth of your love is the positive response you should show in any situation. Keep your morals high as a tribute to who you are. Google in Fatima the movie and watch it or the clips---true story and read about Our Lady of Guadalupe, being Mexican--you most likely know and are proud of it. Thanks for a great question----your friend.