I Want Peace...

I am a white person and I think black people, asain, indian and whatever should be treated like us. Black people: Fun to be around, lovely, smart, good spirited. Why would anyone hate them!??! Asain: So kind, smart, helpful, good spirited. Again why would anyone hate them!??!. Indians: Nice, kind, smart, good spirited, great in general (like all races). This world should stop being racist! What's so wrong with being different? If people accept peope with special needs, why can't they stand different races? I want peace, we should've had it by now..
DarkLoveLiesWithYou DarkLoveLiesWithYou
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1 Response May 8, 2012

absoluty should be but white people shoul be treated the same to.im sick of hearing about how only white people are racist!everyone should be treated the same and whites should stop being so afraid of being called a racist if theay are proud of there heratage or if theay dont date outside there race.