Why Are Some People Offended By The Fact I'm Not Racist?

I am a white woman. I'm a little on the hippish side, I enjoy other cultures and diversity. I have dated blacks, hispanics, and whites. I wouldn't concider myself racist. But often when a conversation comes up about race, I always receive odd responses. For example, I was telling my instructor (who is a black woman) that my family and I might move to Nebraska in the near future. My fiance has a possible job opportunity there. And i told her that after doing some research, i'm concerned about the racism there. Before I could even finish talking she said very heatedly, "Well you could be black!" "Maybe I could understand your concern if you had a bi-racial child."
I was quite taken a back by this response. Obviously I'm not going to experience racism because I'm white. But why would I want to be around people who are ignorant? Why would I want my son growing up around people like that?  Why would a black woman be upset by this? Would she be more content if I were racist?
I also get this sort of behavior when i wear my Nefertiti necklace. She was queen of egypt during the Amarna period. Studying ancient history is a hobby of mine. Black women who know who Nefertiti is, often get offended that I wear that necklace. Are they egyptian? Not likely, but for whatever reason it's upsetting to them.
And like I mentioned before, I have had boyfriends of different races. With both my black boyfriend and hispanic, their mothers seemed to hate me. I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Only women of other races have a problem with me. Why do they want me to hate them?
This is very common for me. I live in Southern California, and I have grown up primarily with hispanics. Although most all my friends have been hispanic, I have always been an outsider to them.  And was often refered to as "the white girl", sometime jokingly sometimes not. 
Shouldn't people of other ethnicities be glad when white people are accepting of there culture and skin color? Shouldn't they be glad that I see them as equal to me? Shouldn't they want to accept other people into their culture? I realise that they are brought up to be on the defense, because alot of people are racist. But you can't fix racism with racism. And being angry at white people who disapprove of racism certainly doesn't make any sense.
This whole thing is rediculous. Our species originated in Africa anyway ( at least that's what I believe). Variations in skin color are simply our bodies adapting to the enviroment. Let it go people! It's all skin, and having diversity in our cultures is fun. We need to be accepting of all peoples. And if you want people to accept you, remember that you have to accept them as well. It's not a one way street.
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Itz just tat people are venting their anger against someone who hurt dem ba<x>sed on racism on you

Ya. "Racism breeds racism in reverse." – Mary Crow Dog

yep it does