How I Hate Racism

Hearing the word racism just makes me want to cry. When I was little I used to be scared of black people. I didnt know any better. One day I was at a track meet and i was playing ninja and this black kid came and wanted to play to so i said sure! I thought he was really nice so i had my friends go get his number, and i texted him. He was so nice I then relized that there isnt a difference between white and black people we all came from adam and eve... I really liked this black boy as a friend but my dad is very racist and doesnt like me being friends with people that arn't my skin color. That made me EXTREMELY mad and upset I just had a bunch of feeling all in one that I couldnt do anything about! I felt like punching my dad in the face becuase of his racism! Black people should be treated the same as white people! they arnt different! I hate racist people if you are racist please take my advice and KNOCK IT OFF! I don't think you would like it if you were black and were treated differently then white people! I really wish the world would just forget about racism! I dont even know if I can be friends with my black friend and hes my bestfriend I'd hate to loose him just cause my dad is freaking racist!
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I also hate racism and descrimination.No matter how different we are but in God's presence we're all the same.

i hate racism too