Racism Is A U.S. Thing

People all over the world fight over status and class regardless of race but here in the US people can't seem to get past the race thing. Our government is not the least bit worried about race, they are (much like the rest of the world) concerned with status rich, middle class, poor. How do I know? Cause there is a mixture of races in EVERY class. If the government preferred a race it would be reflected. Now as a people, we have to do better because its the people not the government who fuels the hatred between the races. Media, music, business etc are run by the people, the government just wants your taxes paid when due. The problem with racism is it has no standing, every "race" is guilty of the same crimes. You won't be able to name one thing one race has done that another has not to declare the entire race of people BAD. It's the people who discriminate against each other not the government (laws are in place). People need to stop lying to there children and stop injecting hate into your children's hearts for other races. I am a young black woman and for the blacks who some how are still upset with the times of slavery, I'm sorry to say black leaders in Africa sold there people into slavery. For the whites that feel they are some how superior for your ancestors owned black slaves, I'm sorry to say that they bought the people from other black people so how racist could they have been to have traded with blacks? I believed it all started with looking for free labor regaurdless of race. Needless to say its all foolishness!!! More than half the people racist today are only racists cause someone told them to be. To the angry black man out there still screaming "the white man keeps the black man down" stop it cause your scaring EVERYONE not just white people. I'm starting to notice that most racism is geared toward the black man and it might be because your stature and anger strikes fear in people and that's not anything to be proud of. For racism to be so strong in the US why is basketball and football so successful? Maybe a small reason has to do with the comfort in seeing self control and unity between the races. Please lets do better.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

i think there are more racist blacks than whites.and them yelling dont nessaceraly scare people well the race card scares whites becouse theay have a guilt trip of **** that happend so long ago its time t get over it and time for whites to stop being scared of the race card blacks will use it as long as theay can.i deny it every time a black uses it on me and if theay want to call me racist becouse i dont except the race card then so be it! enough is enough