Some People

Most of my brothers and sisters are mixed. I really can not stand how some of the people I hangout with make fun of black people...and the thing that really gets me is that they know it upsets me. None of them have respect for me, others, or themselves. I'm so sick of the people my age nowadays trying to be "original" and just end up acting totally ignorant. I live in a white area. I'm Mexican, and just moved from a place where no one mind someone race. I hate to say this but I'm really starting to get a bad impression on white people. To me its like they are rich and snobby. Well the young white kids at least...
Parents really have to teach there kids something...
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

that sounded a lil racist tword white people now if u are getting bad feeling for whites and lableing them snobbs and all rich i dont think that makes you any better than the ones saying racial things tword your family!whites arnt the 9only ones that are racist there are racist in all races

i am white but i am not rich and i am a mixture of scotch irish and italian decent . i love all people the used to call italians wops with out papers and irish micks they were all called mc something and drunk . i look at people as people . welcome like your point