I Have No Respect For Anyone That Hides Behind A Mask

I grew up with discrimination and I never did understand. I was scared at the time. I remember playing on the floor when Kennedy was shot. I was not in school so I did not know the problems associated with this. My foster granddad hated black people. He hate me playing with my friend next door. My Mom made me a cape out of an old umbrella. My friend and I did not care. He eventually moved away and I never had another friend like him at that time in my life. 

But I have read historical movies like Mississippi Burning, Ghosts of Mississippi, Chiefs and Roots. Many of the white supremacist groups wore uniforms and masks. If you hate me tell me you hate me. I can handle it. But don't tell me you love me and then stab me in the back while turning it.

I did an internship in an Afro American  city. I felt safer in those neighborhoods than the white. Because if the Afro American doesn't like you he or she will tell u. Not so much with a white person. Of course not all people are like this no matter what ethnic group you come from. All men and women were created equal and have the right that the constitution of the United States guarantees. We must rise above the hate of racism and discrimination. We must break the cycle.
MandyzYouthPastor MandyzYouthPastor
46-50, M
May 17, 2012