Colour Doesn't Matter

Exactly what the title says.
Colour doesn't matter.
Because even though you see someone who has a different colour of skin than you, it doesn't mean that they are any different than, say, a brother or sister.
Because that is what we are.
We are all the Great Mother's creation, and therefore all siblings under the skin. People didn't understand this truth, and so many 'slaves' were brought on filthy boats, no one to care about them. Think of the children of our world. They live under the security blanket of love that is guranteed of parents. But the children that were kidnapped and torn from their families arms were so blatantly denied that right. The horrors that these children had to see, innocence robbed from them at such an early age. And even when Abraham Lincoln ended the slave trade, colored folk were shunned, the outcasts of society. They were considered dumb
and unworthy of the rights white folk had. And yet....and yet many refused to be oppressed, such as Rosa Parks, and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Peaceful protests were met with violence, because the white folk didn't like not being in control. But he lead these people to do something great, and that is gain the rights that the white folk had had and taunted them with for generations.
And, if I may continue without boring the dear reader too much, that one of my best friends is black, one is a traditional Hindu, vegetarian Indian, and yet another still hails from Asia.
And this only goes to show that we are all the same in spirit.
Colour doesn't matter.
PatientZero310 PatientZero310
May 17, 2012