I Ask Why.its Making Me Sick

well now days i feel discriminated a lot but i am confused about it. because it is a family matter and i rebell my parents a lot which is creating a lil bit tension in them for my future.the whole is that i am asked to do things normal household chores as my mom is ill not physical ill but like she has got minor ulcer in her eyes and her throat like mine hurts when she speaks a lil more than wat our(me and my mom its genitic that we have some throat problem we cant speak even what an average human can because the throat swells from inside and make us feel like choking and it has no treatment its natural for us) limit is.

they never tell my younger bro at whos age i used to cook food for everyone and also because he is not expected to do things they all value me more but in terms of treatment my yonger bro gets it all.even if i do all the things they do appriciate but expect it regularly.

so i just feel discriminated when they tell me to take care of things because i am a girl.i really hate it some where i knw i shud but my rebellious mind says who said tat only girls shud do it.then i sit and think and think tat everywhere in the world girls have to do household chores its not like boys dont do it but still its naturally expected from girls .  IF  a boy goes to office and his mate(girl ) also goes to office then the thing becomes tat the girl is expected to take care of home as well as the office.
same thing like if my cousions(boys) come home everyone starts expecting that the girls at home should serve them.

wat if i dnt like to do it daily cant i escape
wat if i am good at doing outside job and want to concentrate on my job
wat if i am a lil bit lazy for house works and want to enjoy

somewhere i dnt have problem but as i have no such great strenth to do work specially household work everyday i think and then fell totally surpressed by others. thesedays this thing bothers me a lot. when i get stamina i do work happily but when i am tired i really feel sick of such jobs and stipulations by the culture and society.

here the thing is not frm my parents its throughout the world yet few find a way out but i am tied in emotions and i am ready to do it but not always.
so i hate discrimination.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

your brother should help too but you need to help out your mom is ill thats what families and friends do .

Ask to your brother to cooperate as a brother not as equal responsible member. You shouldn't discuss the issue while doing the work but just discuss with all to devide and take responsibility for only as much task as you can do comfirtably.

my brother dosent do anything even if my parents tell him some work.he makes stupid excuses to avoid work.even he is assigned tasks which he dosent do and then my parents say at least u wud have done it.my bro is very very lazy.he dosent even eat until he is served.ya but if it comes to his work he does it.so i really get angry sometimes i just stop telling him to work beacause i knw its in vain. i feel like my parents should not make him lazy by ignoring this fact.may be in future he will do everything for himself but he is also grown up he should start taking responsibilities.

when he was 12 or 13 he used to help me and mom a lot but as he turned 14 he stopped all tat .he talks very roughly until he has got somework in which i can help.it means he knows everything but he is tooooooo lazy to do it.and i dnt want this.