Racism Is Not An Issue Here But Tribalism Is!

I live in UGANDA and though there is some bit of racism its not that much of a problem like tribalism. We have over 50 tribes each having different traditions and language. I come from northern Uganda but live in central Uganda where of course i get these stupid mean comments from some people about my tribe or where i come from. Its like every tribe has a rival tribe as an enemy because of something that happened between them many, many years ago. These historical issues are passed on in some way from generation to generation and that is why even up to today there is still some hatred between tribes. I wont mention all tribal enemies since they are too many but i will just use an example of mine. Am a Lugbara from the north and for some reason i don't understand why, the Baganda from central region hate us. Every time am around them they just make these really annoying statements about our people but there's nothing i can do about it. One day i had gone camping and we were around the camp fire then this man kept asking me if i could speak his language(luganda) well i said i could understand everything he was saying but my pronunciation of the words was not good so i couldn't speak it. He asked me where i came from and i said am from northern Uganda but have lived in central almost all my life..i don't think he heard my last words because his facial expression changed immediately from friendly to disgusted and he said in a low angry voice "northerners!" I asked him what that was supposed to mean and he said "nothing" and walked away. Another incident happened when i was at school, i was talking to one of the boys and the whole time he kept talking about how people from the north should not be allowed to live with them because they are an inferior and backward tribe.. he went on and on putting my people down the whole time he had not realized who i was because i don't look like my fellow tribe-mates at all, then he finally stopped talking his bullshit and asked me for my opinion, i just stared at him for a while and replied in my language "we are not as stupid and backward as you think" He was so surprised and embarrassed and the only words he managed to say were "you look so different from them" then the usual apologies but i have heard it all once a tribalist, always one. People should wake up and realize that their stupid idea of discrimination is rubbing off on the children.I mean come on we don't look that different maybe just a darker or lighter shade of skin colour, different size or shape of the nose...things that don't really matter!! I HATE TRIBALISM.
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Parent should teach their children to respect their pasts, for those our their roots however, they should also teach them to judge others on their individual merits or lack there of.

this is the same thing racism tribalism ethnic differences like what happened in the balkens in the 1990s or what is happening in syria tpeople die because people hate them