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Look, Mommy! ...Black people!!

I'll share a funny story because some of you may appreciate it.

Despite the fact that we're Unitarian, we sent my son to a private Christian grammar school because it was, academically, the best school in our area. The school was popular among Christian blacks in our area so the classes, which were limited to only 10 students per classroom, were very integrated. My son's class consisted of 5 black children and 5 white.

This was a good thing. I was proud that my son grew up 'color blind'. Once, he told me a story involving a classmate named Brianna. I used to always get Brianna and Brianne mixed up so I asked, "Which one is Brianna?"

He replied, "You know Brianna! She has brown eyes and brown skin and brown hair and she always wears a bow in her hair!" It touched me that my little boy saw skin color as such a trivial descriptor.

Well, his best friend in grammar school was Isaiah. Isaiah had a white mom and a black dad. Because he was our son's best friend, we got to know his parents pretty well.

Isaiah's mom once told me a story that was pretty funny. She and Isaiah were thumbing through a book which had a chapter on Africa. She flipped to a page where there was a big color picture of a tribe of very dark-pigmented Africans. "Look, Mommy! ...Black people!!" shouted Isaiah. His mom nearly lost it! She said she wanted to laugh so hard. She figured it might be time to have a little talk about race... and about the term 'black people'.

I thought it was kinda cool that my son wasn't the only one in his class who was growing up color blind. :-)

Today, my son is in college out-of-state, majoring in Music. His college is one of the 10 U.S. colleges with the highest percentage of international students. When we visit Massachusetts at Christmas time, he makes it a point to look up his friends from grammar school. After all these years, they all stay in touch on Facebook.
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Thank you for sharing that heart warming story.

Great story! My mum iv black and my dad is white.

Cute story. Good for you on raising your son that way.

When you visit my country south africa you would see the real black and white people most of the black people are racist

After years of Apartheid imposed upon them by foreigners in their own land, who can really blame them ? Sorry.

Mandela was a great man because he could forgive. I've spoken to black South Africans who lived under Apartheid and things they describe are unimaginable. It was still their land, the Dutch and the British came to the African continent and treated the native tribes there like animals. No one is entitled to forgiveness, and this is the legacy of the Afrikaners' vile racism. It's the hate that hate produced, unfortunately.

I live in a household with my dad and stepmom who are an interracial couple and I have step siblings who I treat like we were all related by blood. I remember we had a racist case worker who didn't believe that black people and white people should be together shame on her p.s. I like your story

Maybe, one day, we'll ALL be color-blind. :-)

Sorry i wanted to say you made me believe in humanity for a few minutes again.:-)

Lol this story and comments made me cry. At least i know that exists people that really are good persons around the world . And are respectful and friendly and deserves the best beautiful things to happen in their lives. HONESTLY YOU MADE ME FOR A FEW MINUTES IN HUMANITY.:-) PD: I'm mixed raced too, my mother is white and my father ( rip ) is/was black.

What a great story. It's nice to hear that there are people out there that focus on what's within rather than what's on the outside.

how can u actually grow up color blind thats being politacaly correct.our skin colore is differant! there is no denieing that now we all bleed red but u have to call it like it is we are differant in colore there are bad blacks and bad whites just like any other race there are bad when i hear about racist its always whites why is that are whites the only race that can be racist??? no i dont think so.obama went to a racist black church for twenty years hmmm that long i think he might have a little racisam in him

But he was raised by a white mother and grandparents whom he loved from the day he was born. How shameful of you to use such a beautiful, loving story as an excuse for divisive politics.

My young son saw eye color, skin color and hair color as equal descriptors. Would you have us begin drawing lines and pecking order and relative value based on eye and hair color also?

Bijouxbroussard...yes! and someone up there also needs to pass spelling too.

Very cool story!<br />
<br />
~~<br />
I remember growing up in Detroit and at Ground Zero during the Race Riots of 1967-68. Hot Summers were spent playing with my Best Friend in the Whole World who happened to be 'Black'. <br />
<br />
We shared the same first name (TRACEY) and neither of us had a clue what was going on around us. We just knew we were BEST FRIENDS and had to go in the house when the street lights came on. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your story.

I grew up the same way... In a racially-integrated working class neighborhood. My friends were of all races and nationalities. When curfews were established in our city due to racial trouble at the other end of the city, None of us could understand what the problem was! As a matter of fact, our end of town pretty much ignored the curfew... and the police never said a word about it. :-)


hey - I am a black man of mixed blood (still know the composition exactly) and I am loved by black people of other black tribes and other tribes. i wear the descriptor "black" and "darkie" with pride.

Incidentally, my black friends call me a "white man".

We are all COLORED PEOPLE and make the Most Beautiful TAPESTRY! (D.C. TALK)

Love You B~

cayden..really, getting in shameful pot shots at Obama under this story, really sad

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