There Is No Such Thing As Race.

I live in what is said to be the most diverse neighborhood IN THE COUNTRY. In this neighborhood, the caucasian race is a minority. There are people here from every part of the world. In my high school alone, over 40 languages are represented. This is where I love to be. It's where I see most opportunity. I love having so much diversity in my life.
My dad and grandparents live in Nebraska. That's a whole different story. I visit them often, and every time Im around them, I find myself having to defend my neighborhood. I defend the large immigrant population, and the fact that this city accepts gays, lesbians, bisexuals, HUMANS etc. I defend the people that hardly make enough money to provide food for their children, let alone themselfs. I defend rights that I believe in, that white nebraskans would know nothing about. And I diss FOX news, because they never have the story right. Living in these two diffrent places may seem like it takes a toll on me... but in reality, I love being able to speak my mind, and fight for what I believe in. This is why I'm in a group of young activists in my comunity. We are APTP... go check us out on the Internet :) this is what I do, because I believe that racism and discrimination should come to an end. we need to learn to accept, forgive, forget, and love.
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13-15, F
Jul 15, 2012