Black Woman In America...

I'm not racist.
I do not condone racism.

I've never truly experienced it.

See, I'm the type of person that doesn't let things get to me.
I hold the power over me and I'll be damned if I allow someone to hurt me.

If you hurt me, it's because I let you and believe me I won't.

If there's no love for you, your words will not get to me...

Racist people need hugs...
They are afraid and lack intelligence.
No, I'm not saying they're stupid in a sense of they can't be doctors.

I'm saying they lack intelligence. Intelligence meaning the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Knowledge that hating someone, not because of character but, because of skin, culture and/or nationality is immature, ignorant and obviously a mental/emotional issue.
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<p>I hope you can hang on to those feelings and beliefs.</p>


word!!! very well said!

thanks, love!

Very well said my friend

thank you!

this is so TRUE

great and very true

thanx! =)

Very well said. Hate is learned. It is time the wold learns to love, not hate!

Thank you love! Hate is definitely learned.
Love is the important thing that is missing!!

immature, ignorant and obviously a mental/emotional issue, Amen to that !

Yes yes yes!!

and some more yesss :)

Lol! =)

hehe :)

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