Ignorance At Its Best.

Let me first say that I am a black woman in American. My skin color is neither acceptable with black nor white people. I wear my hair natural to signify my heritage and my individuality. Living in California I have experienced hatred just by my appearance. Being a black women I am ignored and disrespected. People always give me looks of disgust or just simply stare as if I don't belong. Never the less I have held my head high. I treat everyone with respect regardless of their nationality. Who r u to judge me simply based on my skin color or hair texture? And for all of you who are blind to this fact, you too are ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that racism exists and is thriving. And if you have never experienced racism you are blessed. Racism not only makes you question your existence but also your right to be happy. Not only do I get these looks from whites, I get them from mexican, and asians. What makes you entitled to belong? What makes you better than me? Nothin. At one point I counteracted hatred with hatred, but I will not waste my energy or time hating someone I do not know or care about. I feel bad for my children to have to grow up in a world that perpetuates hatred based on something they have no control over. In the end God will judge everyone.
Quban Quban
Aug 15, 2012