I grew up in Florida and was around mostly white kids growing up.The schools just happened to be mostly white.It was never intentional.Three years ago,I moved to Tennesse a hour north of Memphis.In this area,our neighborhood is all white.The neighborhoods around us however are low income and most are African-Americans.I never realized how racist and judgmental my father was of African Americans until we moved here.Everytime he hears something about a African American person doing drugs or anything similar to that he says something like 'Figures.He's black.They all do it.'Are you SERIOUS?Okay,lets say a large percentage did use drugs..You're going to judge ALL of them as a whole?You dont wanna be judged but you have no problem doing it to others.And he doesnt have to admit it,but he believes white people rank higher than black people.He's a Christian and that makes him a hypocrite because in the bible,everyone is equal.His hands are not clean either and he has no right to be judging.I really wanna punch his lights out sometimes.
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Well, some people are raised so close circuit and minded im glad ypu are not if only racism was as people say it to be all played by the whites but no now everyone takes part creating both seperatin between blacks,hispanics and whites now light skinned people think there better than there own darker skinned brothers sad but true.