I Am Deeply Sorry And Embarrassed For The Torture:

For 500+ years the Native American Indians have suffered brutal killings and mutilation which also includes the rape of their women and children. Also suffered were immigrant diseases, racist government policies, broken treaties, forced removal from their native homes to uninhabitable reservations, with poor farming conditions and purposely killing buffalo, their main source of survival.Many woman and children were taken from their families for slavery and sexual abuse. Health care was not allowed for this "inferior race", and their native language, culture and religion were bannned with distain by the 'dominant society."

This Amerian Holocaust is considered the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world. This tragedy served as a role model for Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jewish people. The deliberate intention of eliminating the Native Americans were ordered and supported by admired leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, among a few of our Presidents, and also Churchill and Christopher Columbus to name two more supporters. Abraham Lincoln's image potrayed to his supporters was that he was one who fought a war to free enslaved people. The Native Amercans offered millions of acres of land to the newcomers, but was ignored by Abraham Lincoln. The Native Americans were then dragged from their homes and forced to walk hundreds of miles barefoot in the cold winter. Lincoln stated, "It is my purpose to exterminate the Native Indian."

Ancestors of the survivors can be found today living in small, poor reservations with a high incidence of alcohol related deaths and depression. They are out of sight from the U.S. population. Denial is not easy to admit, it is difficult to believe we have been lied to and our admirable history is a facade especially when we as U.S. citizens where educated to believe our founding fathers and beloved Presidents, so bravely helped to fight off the red skinned killers who would stop at nothing to scalp us innocent Americans who were only looking to bring up our families in the 'Land of the Free." No one likes to believe many of our ancestors were not heroes, but brutal murderers, rapists, liars and thieves.
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Sep 1, 2012