I HATE the redhead stereotype. Everyone wishes to be blonde. All the time at school I hear, "OOH! A ginger!" and, "you stupid redhead!" it is SUCH a problem! I think red hair is the most gorgeous hair colour and I wish I was a redhead.
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

there are probably more men who think redheads are the hottest than there are men who like blondes. They may think blondes are more fun but we think redheads are more interesting. More women dye their hair red than any other color. <br />
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Don't let others define you. There are many wonderful things that come with being a redhead. Don't tell anyone but you can bear more pain than blondes or brunettes. But the emotional pain can be hard sometimes. <br />
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Give guys more credit..lots of us like fair skin and freckles. Redheads are often very intellignet for some reason. Decide every day to be your best self. Be better than your friends or those who judge you.

OK, this made it sound like you are a redhead. if you have friends that are redheads you can encourage them. The last part is good for you....decide every day to be your best self and somehow at your age, learn not to take the other girls seriously. You will know when you are older that they are just as insecure and scared as the girls they pick on. They fear rejection. They feel their flaws.