You know what angers me? You know what makes me cry? You know what makes me hate people? You know what I can't stand? You know what makes me not want to live in This world? You know what makes me want to punch people? You know what I truly deeply hate? DO YOU? Of course you don't know. You're not in my position so why should you care? Your living the sweet life and have everything you want. So why should you care? What i really truly deeply hate is when people hate on you and judge you for what you believe in and what you live for. Do you see me talking trash about Christians? Do you see me talking trash about atheists, Jews,Hindus, British,buddhists? Do you see me judging you about what you think about god? Do you see me giving you dirty looks when you talk about your religion? NO. Why you may ask? Because I respect what everyone believes in. It's their life, not mine. I'll let them do whatever they want and I will respect that. Because its not my job to deal with them. It's gods. What's wrong with me being a Muslim.? Oh you think im a terrorist ? You really think I'm a terrorist.Tell me. Do I look like one? Do I have bombs? Did I blow up the twin towers? Do I threaten to kill anyone? No. You people just think this because of Osama bin ladan. He was one man. We Muslims are not all like him. We are not terrorists. We did not like what he have done to the twin towers. Now. Let me ask you a question. Is Islam the only religion that has terrorism? Is it the only one you don't like because of what happened years ago? What about judaism? What about Hindus? What about Jews? You have nothing against them. Why?  because they did nothing. Do you people really expect that everyone is gonna like you? Do you really think that your gonna come into this world and leave this world being liked and living the dream? No. Because theres never EVER gonna be peace in this messed up world. We are all humans. We all have a heart. We all have bones. We are all the same. From the white to the black. from the women to the men. From the gay to the straight. From the poor to the rich. We are all the same and we should treat people the way we would want to be treated. It's sad that many people want peace but don't do anything about it because their to busy living high class  while others are wishing they didn't exist
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Lol your statement was so deep and real. It's the real truth everything you said. People like you must be respected from anyone. I'm a catholic-christian and i respect religions and all of that. The only thing tham i'm hating a lot right now is racist and unsensitive white people. I know it's not good but they left me a big pain in my heart and mind. And about you're religion is just like another one. They all believe in one God and have different beleifs. And if we are talking about terrorists look at the spanish inquisition centuries ago... Lol. Don't worry about what other people say and distract your mind with things that really have a matter. Not supid and nonsense silly things from people that don't worth a **** and only say bullshit out of their mouth. Take care. Don't waste your time nor your mind.

I agree with you too. And thanks. I'll try(: