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Just saw hilarious 14 min youtube comedy, Innocence Of Muslims

& as a Bible College graduate, whose cousins were a Colonel, a Wing Commander & a Navy Commander, it seems historically accurate & its scathing sarcasm justified

See for yourself: search Innocence Of Muslims @ youtube

Any towelhead scum who attack me will have a fight to the death on their hands

& if they invade my flat, 'an Englishman's home is his castle'

I sleep with weapons & I'm ex-champ MMA teamster with global military & security pals to avenge me if Muslim Thuggi get lucky against me

& openly recruit for Mossad each time Israel has been in danger, all thru my 11 yrs online

That a problem, Abdul?


ShyButCreativeSexyGuy ShyButCreativeSexyGuy
46-50, M
Sep 13, 2012