Oh Man!

It is so disgusting how people of hatred are so set in their ways and try to get others to hurt if they don't carry the hatred on.

Barack Obama's dad is from another country and is black. His mom is from the USA and is white. They went to school in Hawaii together. His dad was a foreign exchange student. His mom's side is Christian. He was raised as an open-minded Christian and I can verify being from Hawaii that living in Hawaii, Barack was raised to accept different lifestyle choices and ethnicities. To me, that is good, because we should all be that way.

Neil Abercrombie, someone who has represented Hawaii in politics many many years, went to school with Barack Obama's mom and dad. People discriminate against where Barack's dad is from and have somehow managed to convince the masses that Barack was a foreign exchange student and is Muslim, just cause they don't want him to be President, heard things misconstrued and don't like that he doesn't hate Muslims when in fact not every Muslim is like Osama Bin Laden.

I am saddened by it all. I am an American. I am a Christian. I didn't like the Monica Lewinsky scandal with former President Bill Clinton, but I respected him as my leader, and did not slander him or scandalize his character.

I am deeply offended at the lengths people go to, to attack someone, then if someone has a problem with it they cry "freedom of speech", but yet when others hurt them, they want people to care about them and their feelings.

This is not the America it used to be. And bullying some other country. For what? Did they place a hit on you and try to kill you or something? No. You just don't want that man's American-born son to be President. So you attack him since you can't attack them.

And as for the problems we have now or in the past? I have never gone around saying it's the President's fault, whoever the President may be. I don't believe in holding someone responsible for a mess someone else made. Any time we have a President, they are unfairly blamed for the little messes that pile up into huge messes. The country plays, makes a mess, gives the President a broom, stands back and watches the cleanup, then scoffs when the President can't clean up a mess that can be cleaned by a team of people, not just one.

Barack Obama WARNED us from the very beginning that things were going to get worse before they got better. Well, we see it happening but the haters of his father's ethnicity want him to clean up their mess. If you make a mess and you are able to clean it up, then help pitch in. The President can't sit around and wipe all our butts when we make dookies, but yet the haters act like he's supposed to. NO President should have to clean our messes. He said things would get worse before they got better. I took him at his word. It is happening. True to his word.

The country's problematic state has been on a downfall over the years from individuals making messes and the Presidents have all been unfairly selected to clean our messes while many look on and then laugh and make more messes.

Will our country ever be a country that wants to pitch in and not delegate someone to clean our mess? Will our country ever be a country that is repulsed by character assassination just because one person wants what the next person also wants? Will our country ever be a country that doesn't just say they hate racism but actually means it and helps find a way to bring peace between ethnic regions and not terror? Will our country ever? I don't know but it sure would be nice.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 16, 2012