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Mrs. Janelle

When I was 5 years old I had a babysitter Mrs. Janelle. She wasn't very good to begin with. (She wouldn't let us eat or play or use the bathroom all day and beat us if we wet our pants) Anyway, one day this white kid comes to the daycare center. I don't know why she even agreed to watch him. She wouldn't even call him by his name. She was much nicer to us when he was there b/c she wanted him to feel jealous. She would make him stay in the corner all day because she didn't want us talking to him--said he was evil. When we went to the grocery store she made him carry everything all by himself (he couldn't have been older than 6 or 7) One day I offered to help cuz he seemed really bogged down by all the stuff and she said I wasn't allowed to help him. This was his payback for slavery. I was I thought slavery ended a LONG time ago. She said I didn't understand because I was a child. When we drove home he wasn't even allowed to sit in the seat of the car. She said he wasn't good enough and made him sit on the floor. Finally, one day I asked her if it was really necessary to be so mean to him. What did he ever do? She said not to be fooled. He may be a child now but one day he will grow up to be an awful man. I was like "Don't you think your making it worse by the way you treat him?" She said shes knows its hard for a 5year old like me to understand. I don't know why he didn't tell his mother. I wasn't allowed to talk to him so I couldn't tell him. I told my mom and she talked it over with my dad. He decided we should mind our own business. That lady is so lucky I was only 5. I'd call the cops on her sorry ***. What kind of a person treats children that way? 
JoyfulSilhouette JoyfulSilhouette 22-25 4 Responses Sep 19, 2012

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An awful person, that's for sure.

I wish there were more people with your kind of outlook out there! That poor child! :(

Thank you for not buying her bullshit. Prejudice is a learned trait.

:-) I just hope he doesn't hate "African Americans" now... I tried to help but nobody would listen to me.

What I know is that 'you' are always in the right place, where you need to be. You told the truth about the situation. As a 5 year old, you did all you could do. Hopefully, he saw that you were trying to help. After that it was all up to him.
I was raised in a bigoted household. I got the double messages from my parents; "Everyone is equal, but...." Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, anyone that wasn't "like us". I was never around anyone that wasn't white, or at least looked white. It wasn't until I was 18 & working that I worked with a young black/African-American. Didn't take too long for me to see that the only thing that made us different was the color of our skins.

:-) I wish more people could realize that. It seems like ignorant ppl like to be that way. No matter what I say or do they just stick to their irrational beliefs.

It's all in choice. That is what Karma is all about - choice. You can choose anything you want but every choice you make sets you down one path or another. The destination is the same but the path can be wonderful or dangerous. It's a matter of choice.

That is a good point. I choose love. I try my best no matter how different they are

Good choice. Choose love. Even if it's wrong, it's worth the try.


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Isn't it amazing. At 5 you knew it was wrong. Takes a while for adults to beat their prejudices into us.

lol I know, right?