I Think It Is Discrimination

Hi, we are Muslims living in Texas and we both US citizens, my wife went to a community ESL school to advance her English, that school for parents with kids and we have three kids!!. Last year she did register for the classes but they told here your are accepted but there is no daycare for your level. There are 4 levels of ESL classes and my wife was on level 3, she asked them to let her be in either level 2 or 4 but they didn't allow that, so she wait for the next year to get in it again but this time they even didn't list her name in waiting list and she was first ones that they applied, then my wife went to there and talked and kind of fought with them why you didn't accept me. But they didn't give her the reason, and after that fought they called her and said now we have vacancy but we don't have a daycare but they do. can any one here direct me what I should for them to tech them a lesson that they should not treat people like that? and can I saw them?
majedalanni majedalanni
2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

sounds like discrimination to me too

saw = sue, tech = teach, sorry for my English