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My mother was a single parent fpr 17 years. I happened to be an only child at the time so that made it a little easier but it was still hard on her. She wanted to ensure that I was taken care of if something happened to her so shehad a God-mother appointed for me. My God-mother, (and her brother and sister) treated me as if I were their own. I would spend weekends with them or they would babysit mewhile my mom worked. They were and still are a part of my family.
My God mother is gay as well as her sister. One weekend when I was about 10 or 11 they took me to a Gay Pride event. I was excited to go as I knew there would be concerts and such and I have always loved music. As we were walking from our car to the area it was being held I noticed this guy on the side of the street. Now I noticed him for two reasons; 1. he was in full preacher garb, holding a Bible in the air and 2. he was red faced and yelling at the top of his lungs. I was confused at first until we got closer. He singled my god mother out andbegan telling her where she would sit in hell and that she needed to change her ways. This brokemy little heart. Now being the outspoken child that I was, Ibroke away from my god mother and ran over to him. I proceeded to yell back things a childshould never say to someone and encouraged him that maybe he should read his Bible a little closer as it says not to judge.
This was the first time in my little life that I had come face to face with bigotry and hate. It tore me apart inside.
My godmother got to me as fast as she could and told me that I didnt need totalk that way to anyone. She said that I should ALWAYS defend myself but in order to beat hate you had to love. She said that the more I try and solve hatred with more hate the more it would breed. She actually told me to pray for the preacher right in front of him.
It amazes me how much good people take from hateful people. I am not gay but I love my gay family very very much. They are some of the best people that I know. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I learned that no matter what happens or what hatred is out there, there are still good people who love unconditionally no matter what you look like or how you choose to live.
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I'm sure your god mother is proud and appreciates you. I am also a LGBTTQQI* ally. My god fathers are a gay couple that raised me. It's disgusting that people use the bible to discriminate others because the bible says this or that. But people fail to recognize the bible has been used to justify violence against women and children, sexism, racism, and slavery. Keep showing your love and support!

Thank you. I hate it when people discriminate for any reason. I dont understand why we all cant just love each other for who each of us are.

I am not Gay and to be 100% honest,I will never be comfortable around those that are.However,I want to say that this preacher was wrong!Jesus never taught any thing but love and some where He was frowning on this so called preacher!

Thats all good,but, the bible clearly states that it is wrong to have desires for the same sex. So maybe a little more understanding for the preacher and where he is coming was in order. He shouldn't have been at the pride match anyway. Poor fool. Is all im saying. Personally I don't mind what sex a person is inclined to. We need tolerance and understanding of others beliefs especially in a global village.

Great story. And support those who you care for. Lots of strength to confront the preacher.