I Do Not Judge...

I do not see the need for people to be racist or to discriminate. If I cut myself on an artery my blood (outside flesh) would bleed red. If I cut my boyfriend the same way his blood would bleed the same colour as mine. Any HUMAN I cut would bleed the same colour blood. We are all human and even though we don't all look or act alike does not mean that we are not connected in ways that are beyond our knowledge. I do not judge by the colour of skin or creed. I am like an EOE. I am very happy with my boyfriend, who is a dark black man (just check out my pics) and he is very happy with me. I see not a damned thing wrong with what we are doing nor do I see it wrong for others to do the same.

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2 Responses Jul 16, 2008

Sign petion against goverment for.violatiing our rights
Is time.we.rise up as a nation

Thats right! Descrimination has 2 stop!