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Listen, Beyaaatch


It bothers me when I hear girls whine about how they "hate all women" because all we do is "sit around & gossip". Apparently boys make better friends than us because of this.

Well, listen beyaatch.

I had to live all alone on my own when I was just 14 years old. In the 4 years I spent away from home, it was my female friends who were always there for me. I am not saying boys don't make good friends, because prior to attending boarding school, ALL my friends were males.

Women are always painted as the whiny, catty, selfish, materialistic ******* and sadly some women choose to embrace this stereotype.

However, not all women are like that and I get really, really angry every time I hear a girl tell boys she doesn't like being friends with girls.


Let me repeat this one more time for all the dummies out there.


Got it? Naahhh. I think I need to say it one last time.


Alright. Now we're good to go.

No, but seriously. I am a girl and I feel I gossip less than some of my male friends! All of my female friends are very mature, intelligent and responsible people. I think it's very unfair to them that people think that just because they have ovaries they are going to be shallow, judgmental, melodramatic *******.

So the next time you say boys make better friends than girls, just remember, saying that (& I am quoting a GIF I found on the internet a long time ago) doesn't make you a special ******* snowflake. It makes you a perpetrator of misogyny.

PS, there is no such thing as a girl "thinking like a boy" and "acting like one too". There are no laws set in stone about how girls and/or guys should think/act. Both genders are equally diverse and contain all kinds of people.
righteouschica righteouschica 18-21, F 24 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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Word up!

in my experiences woman who cant form bonds with other woman blame the other woman when more often than not its your own incercurities... I know because I spent much of my younger years as that girl who just kept to the guys cause things seemed easy that way but If I really think about it it was me.. the guy friends gfs would try to be friendly but I was just that ***** who didn't want nothing to do with them and now that I am older and more grown up I can honestly say that it is my girl friends I turn to when **** hits the fan yes I have my best friend through EVERYTHING and he is a guy but when I need a good cry its his wife I call.. or the two close friends I call my sisters( one is my sister the other is just a close friend) the guys say o she is one of the guys to make their owns gfs not feel weird about the friendship.. but as a whole woman spend to much time hating one one another and we have ALL done it.. she is fat she is ugly she is too skinny she is rude she is quiet she is a ***** she is to nice there must be something wrong with her.. but realy that's just us hating

It's an obvious fact. Women hate each other. Women are the worst perpetrators of misogyny. Just pay attention... The next time you go into the grocery store, women rarely say excuse me to one another. I can write a book about my observations. It's truly sad.

I don't hate other women. This is the stereotypes that are stupid. Neither are we the worst perpetrators of misogyny.

It appears that women are threatened by the mere existence of other women for one reason or the other; looks, envy, friends, jealousy, distrust......Why can they not just co exist with everyone else regardless of gender, ethnicity etc.? Life is far too short to be wasting precious time or breathes on such nonsense. I don't have a problem with them, I absolutely LOVE them!

I agree!

thumbs up sista! all of my best friends were girls! Im glad you said it:)

That may explain why some women prefer to work for a male rather than female manager. Obviously that's not true of all, and I've see no evidence of it among the women for or among whom I've worked, but it's a thought.

Men can be as bad - I recall a keen competition between two on the factory floor for the role of Supervisor, as the incumbent was leaving. This was sharpened by the fact that one was not very popular, and it transpired that other staff members, all male, were discreetly telling the production manager that they would work with him but not under him. This view prevailed, and the loser was going round trying to find out who'd spoken against him.

Perhaps I'm lucky in moving in social and work circles that respect women as people; as individual human beings with their own, wide-ranging backgrounds, professions, intellect, interests, knowledge, skills etc.

I hate discrimination too; whether on sexual, racial, religious and social differences, or over things as trivial and stupid as having the "wrong" artistic tastes or using the "wrong" hand. Unfortunately, the adjectives are often used very loosely and across-definitions, and stereotypes abound, so trying to educate society - people, individual human beings - out of these socially and personally corrosive tendencies is extremely difficult.

The stereotyping is worsened when minorities who feel left out of things try quite sincerely but misguidedly to improve matters by establishing "XXX Rights" or "Association of YYY" groups. Though well-meant, they can highlight the differences rather than the inclusion and acceptance they seek.

The UK has a plethora of such groups and a raft of anti-discrimination laws; but it's hard to know if they or social norms are the bigger factor in reducing discrimination.

It has to be admitted too that some victims make things worse by their own over-reaction, turning a petty personal insult or even a true but hurtful assessment of individual behaviour or ability, into a perceived attack on their human identity and their real or supposed "community" or "culture". This can lead to a vicious circle of blind, cowardly insult-trading and even violence. No-one gains; all are losers in the end.

Not women are all the same? We know.
Except you ***** about it like the MAJORITY OF WOMEN.

People tend to use the term ALL when speaking of the MAJORITY. Learn to live in society.

Don't tell me what to do. Using the term "all" to describe only a certain group of people is not a very intelligent thing to do. Had everyone possessed the same mentality you do, we would never have had any civil rights movements. Also, I wouldn't even say the majority of women are like this, at least not based on my personal experiences.

No-one is doing as you allege.

Sadly, using "all" is prevalent whatever the truth: you see it in "lifestyle" magazine articles telling us thing like "Now that we all shop on-line" or whatever. Such "all" reinforces or even creates stereotypes. An ideal society would not need rights-campaigners, but we do because unfortunately we don't have an ideal society. Nevertheless, there have been huge improvements in both social mores and law in the last few decades; with discrimination on grounds of sex, race and religion at least, being now illegal.

I agree with your last sentence - perhaps I'm lucky that the society I know contains the majority you know; and they are treated with respect.

Well spoken

I totally agree! Not all women are the same and not all men are the same, and they don't have to be. :)

Amen. Just...amen. :)

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listen beyaaatch,
******* gonna *****, niggas gonna nig

Very true, most people live in the "I see your a female" so you must love being a woman and love gossiping and shopping and ponies... you get the picture
But other, more thoughtful people think, "You uphold yourself as a female, though you may feel differently on the inside and I respect you as a person- not as a gender."
Everyone is unique
But then again, everyone is unique, just like everyone else lol
Awesome and straight-to-the point story. I raise my glass to that

Yes it seems that some people stereotype and judge people usually from there appeareance but mostly because of there gender or how the way they dress but everyone can be diffrent and that everyone is not the same or else that would make us all very boreing going over the same thing again and again but all of us are diffrent with our personailitys and choices

Well said!!! I completely agree :)

I agree, I just hate the fact that a lot of people embrace the stereotype as you said. I've had both male and female friends, and I've also had male and female enemies. Both can be bitchy, and both can be simply amazing. If anyone gives you any **** about it, your friends and us EP users will back you up :D

yessss :D

Very nice rant!! I agree.

Makes sense to me.

I've had good male friends, and I've had male "friends" who got ugly because I wanted the relationship to stay in the "friend zone". Conversely, I've had epic women friends, and have had the experience of being betrayed by women. Like you, I understand gender's not the issue. You have to choose your friends wisely.


I agree too @bijouxbroussard & righteouschica

Very well said and I agree! It's not that "female" or "male" is better, and I have really always hated that crap!! Men and women are really just different, and that is all. If there is someone that you have met in your life that has done you wrong, it's doesn't have anything to do with the gender of that person. It just means that person is an incredible *******! But all this male/female bashing really needs to end!

Personally I am a guy who has always gotten along better with women. I love to talk and I just found my female friends had more interesting things to talk about. But I get what you are saying. Stereotypes are evil and annoying. I personally had to deal with vicious rumours and speculation that I was gay because I hung out with girls all the time. Or more accurately I hung out with girls all the time and was looking for real human interaction and friendship instead of a notch in the bedpost. WTF?

Well, at least you say you're getting along *better* with women and not *only* with women. I've noticed girls that bash other women generally tend to say they get along with *only* boys. I know what you mean though. I get along with both genders equally :D

So, then it's true that all women are pretty much cut from the same cloth?

nopppeee. everyone is different and unique in their own way. it's not right to paint everyone with the same brush.

Don't waste your anger on people who are narrow minded. Instead, pity them and try to educate them.

this is why I wrote this story :D

gotcha! lol

I think not!

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I wish I could paint everyone one damn color, and recreate them as a single being/gender/entity, racism and everything in between discrimination is completely stupid and beyond our control like religious manipulation.