It is unbelievable how many people let discrimination conquer their world in every day. Guys, a person has a different skin color or is from a different part of the world...so? they are not aliens from a different planet, they are a human just like you and deserve the same rights as you. Okay so a person has a different sexual interest? SO? They cant help it, and even if they could what is the point? Theyre different. Different is a good thing. Normal is boring, everyone should be able to be who they are without ridicule. Okay so someone has a mental illness. THEY DID NOT WISH FOR THAT TO HAPPEN! how would you feel if it were you? what if you hallucinated and believed something was there but it wasnt. That would be scary, its not funny in any way. What if your a WOMAN?! just because we are no the same sex doesnt mean we just get paid less, or cant get a higher promotion than a guy, or are expected to cook and clean, or even have a baby when they dont want it because it is THEIR body. Unless you have been a woman or any of these other discriminations, then keep your mouth shut! What if someone is fat or ugly? WHO CARES!? you dont know what these are going through and just because something in their lives different does not give ANYBODY the right to ridicule. If you do any of these things or discriminate against something i didnt mention, GROW UP! Learn some respect.
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1 Response Nov 19, 2012

yeah i got that from being in a wheelchair they think i need less than them or i get treeted diffrent like people do things for me because of thre chair if i need help i will ask for it