Tell Me

What is your skin color?
What is your hair color?
What kind of clothes you're wearing, the brand and the price?
Which country are you from?
How do you live there?
What language do you speak?
What are the things that you can't and you can do?
How much money do you earn?
What kind of education do you have?
What kind of culture and traditions you follow?

Tell me, how do you feel when someone is asking you these..
Tell me how does it feel when someone knows you're living a kind of life full of mess..

Are you going to like me if I say I am from America?
Are you going to ask me out If I say I am from UK?
Are you going to make friends and treat me well If I say I am from Bangladesh?
Are you going to eat together with me If I am from Africa?
Are you going to hate me If I am from Jerusalem?
Are you going to make fun of me if I say I am from the Philippines?

Will you still love someone if they're a Muslim?
Will you still respect someone's opinion if they're an atheist or agnostic?
Will you laugh at me for being a Christian?
Does it matter?

Tell me, why does it matter?
It matters because I am poor..
It matters because my working position is better than yours.
It matters because you can do better than I.
It matters because you are wearing expensive stuffs while mine are cheap.
It matters because you can speak English better than  I.

Tell me, Tell me..
If you feel what I feel..
Tell me, Tell me..
wish  you were in my shoe,
so that you can feel it too.

iamanasianrose iamanasianrose
22-25, F
5 Responses Nov 26, 2012

This is great. Thanks for posting. It doesn't matter! :)

thank you also.. your comments and appreciation matters a lot.

awesome, thank you so much

Thank you also for commenting and reading this. Take care...

Brilliant, i travel quite a bit and some people i meet always think the know me because of the color of my skin or where i am from. How wrong they are.

oh, skin color doesn't define a person for who and what they are.. what matters the most is the personality of a person.. after all, we are all human. Thank you for rating-up my poem. Take care brother..


Thank you ..

Thank you.yeah.. I made this one because I see how my friend from another country got discriminated and almost people here look down his nationality.