I Hope People Who Racist Watch All These

I'm a hong kong people.. I always want to live in U.S.
cause if anyone of you live in hk for 10 years and back to u.s.. you will never racism anymore..
and I know there's a pretty serious racist problems in U.S.
so the question is coming..whats the different of black or white or yellow people?
one of them isn't human?
- there's a lot of different peoples in hk(hong kong)..
indian, filipinos, americans(include black white yellow), british……
but peoples in here are nice..cause hk.. they will not giving a damn about what colour you are
or where you come from.. but most of them do care about are you rich or not.
they will still talk to you if you're poor..but tryna go out with them?
nope..forget about it..girls same too..you wanna date her? okay..you got cars? department ?
but I didn't blame these peoples..cause a department in hk were extremely expensive..
amount 460 ft. flat need 3.2 million hkd(amount 45,7000 us dollars)
over 70% of the hk people's cannot avoid a price like these..
yeah..it's pretty funny that peoples dreams just a place to live and sleep.
most of the hk peoples need to save money for amount 46 years to buy a 500ft department(p.s1)
- i don't know what you will do if you see a people in serious injured ..
but peoples in hk..when they see something like that..they will pick up the phone immediately ..
not dial a emergency call..they are taking a video..
i still remember few years ago..i got out with my old friend.. an old man got crash by a trolley.. he broke his leg and bleeding.. peoples right over there..keep walking like nothing happened.. some of them taking video..but no one try to help.. not even try.. you can imagine what if you fall on the steet.. peoples laughing ..and none of them will ask a simple question ..are you all right?

after all these.. com'on..no matter you are black or white..
no matter where are you from..
no matter what happen in 70s..
even obama became president..
even eminem had white and black fans..
all i tryna says..just.. you don't have give a damn about they are black or white..
give a damn about is he a nice people and good person..
step forward! its almost 2013..
even me.. a asian man can have indian friends.. filipino friends.. american friends..
whats the matter? i'll only hate dickass who think they're god.
but.. never because of colour..
cause inside of skin.. our blood is still red..still same.
i don't wish to be anyone.. i'm just nobody who try to make someone step forward..
even just one person change because of these words.
(p.s1 its nothing but a web newspaper of price of department..it's chinese.. you can use google translate it..here's the link htt p://paper.wenweipo.com/2010/08/03/FI1008030009.htm)
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I wish that more people today shared your vision. Thanks for sharing!