Sunday is the most racist day of the week. The typical Sunday church service is comprised of people of the same race, be it black or white. To a lesser degree asians and hispanic. In these bible believing churches they seem have missed that God said there is no partiality. I am blessed to be part of a large congregation that is fully intergarated. There never a time when you sit down without someone of another race either behind you, infront of you or next to you. It should be this way in all churches.
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There are other explanations for racially segregated church services. First of all, different groups of people tend to have different religions, or practice their religions differently. Second of all, people may choose to stick to whatever church they were raised with or are otherwise most familiar with. If their ancesters immigrated and were isolated due to discrimination or lack of language skills, they may have started isolated churches. Then the church congregations can remain segregated simply because the same communities keep going there generation after generation. If a church is in a racially segregated community, then most of the churchgoers may be of the same racial group simply because it's the closest church for them.

I think the problem is self-segregation and the whole notion of unity among the various races. Those things have been internalized and they tend to get passed down from generation to generation. It's slowly dissipating, but it's definitely going to take a while.

"Self-segregation" never heard it put that. That is a very good discription. I believe racism is a spirit. As you stated a generational curse.