Razed To The Ground: Conquering Prejudice

I was raised to believe so many normal and often fun things are sinful by nature. In fact, I was raised to believe humans themselves are sinful by nature and it took quite a bit to grow out of that mentality.

The catalyst was meeting and becoming best friends with someone who is gay. In the Army, he couldn't even be honest about who he was. He did officially come out to me before Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed, and my eyes were opened to the world of hatred and discrimination against homosexuals. It made me mad, because my close friend was discriminated against every day just because he was different than the majority. I knew it was wrong, especially when he was a better soldier than many others. How dare they do such a thing?

I became more active and outspoken in my opposition to discrimination. Racial prejudice and similar discrimination took a little longer as I didn't know, but my friend (being a Mexican/Filipino mix) taught me a few things and I figured the rest out on my own. I still struggle against ingrained prejudiced inclinations, but I am changing. And with that change, improving. My house of prejudice and discrimination has been razed to the ground with nothing left but the sickly ashes of its demise, while I fastidiously tear apart the foundation of those prejudices.
NefariousDrake NefariousDrake
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You're a true leader. Thanks for sharing your testimony.

I applaud you! Thank you for making that beautiful post. The world would be a better place if it had more people like you in it!

Thank you!