Peace Nobel Prize To Europe: How That Was Like To Jump A Gun

We heard. Peace Nobel Prize was awarded to European community this year. Most Europeans disagree, for different reasons. The underline motivation is a fake. Europe hasn't been peaceful for 60 years. What about bosnian crisis, various civilian wars, and military aid in Afghanistan and Iraq?True, founders countries (Italy, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Belgium) kept peace for 60 years within their boarders. Fat chance, there was nothing to fight about, and the memories of the second world war was still vivid. That didn't mean we haven't support extra europeans wars or dictatorships with weapons and business treaties. There's often some oil interest to defend and since 2008 western crisis weakened Americans position on foreign policy Europe proved to be unable to step in and give a right steer. Now that China and Russia have sign a silent accord to support each other in UN council, we are witnessing some serious bloodshed in Syria and we have no means or power to stop this. Italy actually supported, with business agreements, the last dictatorship in Europe, the Bielorussia's Lukashenko. Old Urss country are experimenting a new leaf of racism, antisemitism and homophobic repression.
Our news stir up stereotypes, such anti-muslim opinions.
As Europeans we can't label this as 'peace making' though i'm sure we'll love to feel we live in peace Neverland. But there's no reason in denying we often think us above other cultures, for sanitary system, religion tolerance, sex equality, whatever we admit it or not.
I personally had an experience that threatened that superiority. I was traveling in Malesia and had a medical problem. I knew there was a pharmacy with doctors in so I've walked there. Not only i was cured completely for free, prescription included, i've been cured by two female doctors, one chinese like wearing a catholic cross, the other wearing a muslim veil. Lately i've been speaking of this with some locals. I, european citizen, didn't expect to see tolerance in a Muslim country. They told me: yeah, you europeans always ask this thing. It's a pity you don't consider human beings equals and have religion issues.
So maybe we jump the gun a little. We thought we knew it all, we thought our statements are really a great achievement for human kind while they are just a little step for our culture. The very same culture who prize herself for 60 years of fake peace.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Motivation says peace, democracy and human rights for sixty years. There's a Nobel for economical achievements, but with the Greek situation that would be even more inappropriate, liberal or not.
I'm sorry you didn't like my opinion, i work for press, the information is official and triple checked.

I agree with you. I mean the worst economical system is worked in Europe. Many economists think like us, but some only want to make us believe that this system is the only good. Why being the greek situation worse ? Because liberal economy is a system to make people fatalistic and to accept all without protest. It makes rich people more rich too !
I just heard about Beslusconi come back, he is in the way of this Europe they want to make us accept.
Europe must be different than that, or it will be a disaster.

The only reason Nobel committee chose EU is economical. European commission is now totally liberal in economy, that's enough for them.A newspaper in France had this first page title "Europe missed economical Nobel prize" Peace ? What is this ?