Je Suis Une Juive!

I know there is a fervent racism in the world as a whole. Now it seems a small aspect of the problems we have as a race (the human race), but my people have experienced it in an unprecedented way. Six million Jews were murdered by the German National Socialist state.

There was a racism engendered long before that by the Roman Empire, when they cast the Jewish peoples from their God-given homeland seventy years into this Common Era.

Subsequently, there have been pogroms by people who believe they serve their 'messiah' by murdering Jews. Now, we have Muslim Islamists who feel they serve their God (the God of Muhammad and the Ka'aba) by murdering, actually missing the point of their holy writings.

Falseness is the tool of the despotic, and there are many christians and muslims who have allowed a few within their common belief to become despotic in their falseness. The teachings of Yeshua ben Yosev and Muhammad of Mecca are far too important to allow a few despots to devalue them.

There must be no discrimination or devision of the people because of race.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Racism and Discrimination is at least 3000yo in the present world history, even between Jews themselves . It is the lack off understanding of , what it means to be human being at first place.