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It saddens me to say that in my country, Pakistan, there is a lot of discrimination. I see two completely different societies and classes. The rich and the poor. The rich get everything like electricity full time and gas(for cooking, heaters, etc.) full time while the poor do not. Why? There has been a problem of electricity and gas in our country for some time now. Average people do not have as much electricity or gas as the upper or rich class. I question the government on this.
One thing I would like to state is that I live in a government area so there is a constant supply of both the necessities. Still, I do not believe that while I sit in a friendly environment, others should be suffering. I believe in equality of human beings. My question for the government is what have the rich done which is more important than regular citizens. What I mean to say is that we all pay the same bills. They have to pay for electricity and gas too so why are they being deprived of it?
Unfortunately, I am only 15 years old right now so I do not know how to solve this problem. Though, I grieve at this sickening thought. There should be no favoritism between people. We are all equal and are all entitled to the same rights. If it were up to me then right now I would spread the amount of electricity and gas that the rich get more of and distribute it amongst all citizens. I really feel sad sometimes as to what has become of this country. It promised so much in its early yeas but with a corrupt government it has slowly slipped away. I wish there was something I could do to help. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very open to them. Thank you for reading and hearing out what I had to get off my chest.
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I live in the USA, but more important, I live among humans. No matter where or when there will always be rich people and they will always be privileged. It actually makes most of them feel good to have more than they need, especially if some go without. This is universal. Many people who actually have plenty in the USA think of themselves as poor. They have a place to live, gas, electricity, a car, lots of food and plenty of electronic gadgets, but when they see people with even bigger houses, cars or newer electronic gadgets they feel poor.

Don't get me wrong, there are people here without a home, gas and electricity, too. We try to make the disappear by not believing they are there and not talking about them. America doesn't like small or less. Something that is funny is that if you buy a drink from a “fast food” store or a coffee from a “Starbucks” you can't buy a small one, the smallest they sell is a medium or sometimes a large.

Maybe you can help the world, millions of people do. Getting smart and keeping a pure heart is essential. Never hate people because of where they live or how much they have, fight the bad ideas. Fight for the good ideas more.

Thank you.