U.s.a. Still Far From Where It Needs To Be!!

Any time your dealing with racism or discrimination its a touchy subject and as much as I am proud to be an american.....lets just say we are far from where we need to be. I mean everyone in the US seems to think that just because women and black americans can vote that it has changed...nope! Are we really all created equal? The constitution says everyone are, but society says different.

How can a teacher tell their student; "Race doesn't matter" but turn around give them a test that require you to mark which ethnicity they are?

Let me use a better example; The other day while I was coming back to work after taking my lunch break I just happened to be walking past our receptionist while the phone was ringing. I stoped, because I had to retrieve my messages from her. She hit the speaker button instead of picking it up. The older man on the phone asked to speak with one of our managers, but forgot his name and said: "He is the colored man that works there."

Now growing up in the south the word "colored" is something Ive heard all my life, but I hate it with a passion! If you don't know someone's name....How about just asking someone instead?

Dating is another thing. If people really want to find their true love they have got to change their views against dating outside their race. Instead look for the person who makes you happy personality wise. Who cares what race they are. Look at me....Im black, native american & french mixed and my husband is Italian. I love him for who he is, and not because he is white.

Stop hating and enjoy your life. Life is way too short to be worried about the tone of someone's skin color.
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