Rexhymens Is A ****

Its probably against the TOS and in general, tasteless, tacky, hurtful to the cause and unethical to call out a member of EP in public...but sometimes, you just get tired of people's ****. Frankly, I'm tired of this guy, girl, thing..its an insult to everyone else to acknowledge this knuckledragger as human. For the record, yes, I did block him but EP has not improved the site so when you block someone, their existence every where else disappears also. This pos is probably the worst person on here, and every post from them, even when I try to ignore it just makes me boil in rage. I know I shouldn't let someone ruin my good time, but whomever this person is just doesn't let up with the hateful comments and BS racist rhetoric. There's other racists on EP, but at least they're subtle(the Conservatives for example)- this person is not. Anyone can be whatever they want to on the internet, but faced with someone of color in a real life situation, I bet this a$$hole wouldn't say half of what they have said on EP, I promise you that. I know nothing will happen, but for every racist thing this f*ckwit says should be reported, I wish their profile would be deleted and IP address banned. I wish their existence would be banned also, but that's hoping for too much.
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

He just blocked me for correctly pointing out he was a racist!.....

By the time everything's said and done, everyone on EP will hate his guts.

I have flagged that member more often than I can count. I have blocked him/her. Now, I just flag when I see him.

He trolls using racism. It's gotten old.

It amazes me how he hasn't been deleted. I think it might say something about the bias of the moderators if they can condone this kind of racist **** while censoring others (me , for instance) for having political and irreligious opinions which they find offensive.

I can't say I get that either. At least what you say enlightens, this guy is just a troll flat out.