Raceism Is Sometimes A Part Of A Culture

There are specific areas of our great U.S. of A. that share a commonality of hatred that probably wouldn't make the New York Times in the "Diverse Appreciation" section. The matter of which I am speaking is that of Cultural-ism, not Race-ism. Too often there are newspaper clips about "race-related" crimes, committed all throughout our country. Whether it be white against black, white against Hispanic, white against Asian, or white against Native-American, It all seems to be based specifically on the crimes that the white Americans commit against the minority of Americans. While newspapers may report on the homicides that are CONSISTENTLY committed within urban areas of cities, major or not, it seems as though the only big, race-related, headlines that ever cross our TV screens are when a white person commits a crime against a minority; in specific an African American. I am appalled that the habitual homicides that are constantly committed within the black community are scarcely ever reported in the evening news. It's only when a white person commits a direct crime to a black person that it EVER makes the evening news. It is by this fact that I say I am culturalist to certain to communities of the world but not RACIST to those same communities. Is it possible to have an ignorant person of White heritage as well as an ignorant person of Black heritage living in the same area of the world? I believe that there can be an anti-white and anti-black culture living in the same area that are proud of their heritage (race) yet are agreeable living in a culture that is against the other race. Sometimes Black people don't like White people and vise-versa. Perhaps we should just accept this a commonality in certain areas of our country and allow the people that live within these premises' to live out their back-woods way of life.
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