We Are All Equal!!!

In my opinion, as human beings we are all equal! Regardless of race, religion,or sexual preference. God loves us all because we are all His children. I don't understand how people, creations of God, can be able to make fun of others or judge others based on those things. You should get to know the person first before judging them.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Probably, but being unable to take a joke, hence being unable of self derision and blaming it all on racism and discrimination is extremely restrictive and..... Boring. Additionally it shows a strong lack of self confidence. Get used to it because you will be judged your entire life and you will have to judge your peers also. God has nothing to do with it; it is just human nature. Real life if you prefer. Believe me, most of other people's reaction is conditioned by your own. Behave like the under dog and you will be the under dog. Walk with your chin up, look at people in the eye, smile, have fun, be positive, and the world will look like a whole new place. My son's friends are all straight A college students, do you really think that the first thing people say about them is related to the color of their skin? Certainly not!

You have a point, but I was just giving my opinion.