Racism...Are We Too Sensitive? Do We Need To Be More Careful?

I'm not racist, homophobic or sexist.

''Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or superior.''

Racism is a tricky subject, there's been alot of talk of racism amongst football fans and football players but what about among society as a whole?
I don't agree with racism at all, white people shouting n**** at random black people in the middle of town, a club or anywhere really isn't acceptable, it's a skin colour, it's like drawing two identical pictures and colouring them two different colours, neither is superior to the other. I think it's extremely silly that people feel the need to separate themselves from others because of a skin colour, the ongoing stereotype about young black boys is so wrong, (where i live there is not a majority), I've met a few and they are the total opposite, they like their music, just as young white boys do, it's shocking how many older people would cross the road because of a skin colour, change their position because of a skin colour and make themselves fear a skin colour.
On the other hand I think the fear of racism has become a little bit too sensitive with ''Ba ba black sheep'', being changed to ''ba ba rainbow sheep'', it's a ******* joke like, a nursery rhyme is racist and what I'd really like to know is a black person's opinion on this, did you find the nursery rhyme offensive or is society being too sensitive? I can assure you if it was ''ba ba white sheep'' frankly I don't think i'd give a damn, sheep are black and white and you don't see them making a fuss, my opinion is that white people need to be more considerate and controlled over what they say, whereas black people should make it known what does and doesn't offend because certain sentences in everyday convocation using the word 'black' has suddenly become in acceptable to use and white people have to tip toe round black people to make sure they don't offend.
KEY WORD in the above is PEOPLE, We're all PEOPLE, we go to school, live in houses, take part in the same day to day activity, why can't we do this together? No hate, knowing where we stand.
My opinion is we need to forget the past where our ancestors were wrong in creating inequality, pain and suffering and keeping in mind that these younger generations couldn't do anything to stop this and are now doing what they can to close the gap between inequality and are doing our best in stopping racism.
I hope I haven't offended or upset, but this is my opinion, I'm not one to hold my opinion back.
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I understand racism to be one rule for one and one rule for a other, I myself see racism as immoral there is quite simply no reason for it at all, whether on the giving or the receiving end of racism.

I believe that we are all in it together and racism is purely just another derogatory form of abuse that should of been left behind with our small minded ancestors.

We should have all come along way now since racism and should all just understand that the person next to you in not fighting against you in life, but standing with you in the fight for survival; but for some reason not many have the same opinion.

we as a country have come along way,,,,look at how mixed race childen there is today,,would have never happened 20 years ago,,I think it's getting better every day