I'M Tired Of Being Looked At Funny.

I am a full-blooded Israeli girl who is being raised by her Full-blooded Syrian step father. We moved to America seven years ago and I still get funny looks. Yes, I have a slight accent, Yes I have really curly hair and a slightly larger than average sized nose. But I'm still American, I was just born in Israel.
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2 Responses Jan 25, 2013

We are all American no matter of race, physical appearance or creed! We are too obsessed with looks in this country, Hollywood creates an image no normal human can ever achieve. Be proud of your heritage and your looks because remember it is who you are as a person that counts.

I love being American! Thanks for commenting! :)

So mom is Israeli and dad was Syrian? What a Combo! Who cares what people do? Those people look at everyone the same, like they are different! Don't stress about it. Be proud of your uniqueness! :)

Thanks! :)