My Atheist Friend Shared This Picture On Facebook:

I love that it was him of all people who shared this. I know he was thinking of our common friend Sara, a hijab-wearing Muslim. That's right... An atheist (and, for the record, also a bisexual cross-dresser), a Muslim and a Christian... and we're great friends and get on like a house on fire. In your face, prejudice!
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thanks for posting that , i wish there are a lot of people like you

Thanks :)

All good! I love this..... But a little bit of me wants you and Xander to fight over the earrings! I saw it first..... NO MINE etc....XXX

I am insanely jealous of Xander, because he looks WAY better in high heels and a miniskirt than I do!

Its an annoying thing that! Damn those boys and their sexy legs ;)

And he can walk in stupidly high heels. I can't. Not fair!

what is it with that....? hows does anyone do it? I know my legs do look amazing in heels but I just cant do it..... mainly because of the pain......

Pain, AND lack of balance. Stilettos are just so damn unstable. I'm a woman, not a stork...

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Yay for diversity. :)

Indeed! I love Xander and Sara. I really miss them both, we had such great times together. Like that time we went to a church car boot sale and Xander and I both bought very girly earrings and wore them on the spot, and Sara kept buying raffle tickets to try and win more stuff. lol

The simple pleasure of time spent in easy company. :)

I won a Japanese good luck cat at the raffle that day :)

Yay! That's cool. :)

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Many do still judge the book by the cover Kit.

My wife has a Muslim friend who has a mouth on her like a sailor. :-p