I don't like that the youths of today use the word "nigga" like it's of no significance. It's a horrible, derogatory word used to devalue others, not something to just say without consequence.
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I think all words are just words and anyone can say what they want. But I do disagree when people say "because I'm this race I can say it and u can't" that's bull. Everyone can say what they want and if u have a problem with us saying it then u stop saying it too!

I think some words are more than just words and were created for a specific purpose and have certain connotations that can't be ignored.

But yeah, I really dont like the "I can say it because I'm black" excuse. It's a rude and oppressive, no matter who says it.

I agree words are just words people make them a big deal when they ain't

True and smart. Don't like when people use that word at all. Hopefully that "slang" will fall out of use very soon.

I think it was a racist word as before
But now she does not mean anything

If it doesn't mean anything anymore, then why is it when people who don't identify as black say it, everyone gets uncomfortable, or call them racist?