I saw a Black man say something online that really rubbed me and others the wrong way about Disney. He said he doesn't let his kids or teens watch Disney since Disney does not have shows that show Black people. How blind do you have to be not to see Black or other ethnicities on Disney??? And with the rate mixed ethnicities are going, Whites are slowly becoming the minority in some areas. I got offended even though I am part Black and my heart hurt for Disney at his racist attitude.

Static Shock was a Disney superhero cartoon. Static Shock was about a community where it was common for people to have superpowers and the ethnicities were diverse. Static Shock was a Black teen male and he had a Black sister and a widowed Black dad. Some of the other superhero and super villain characters were also Black. One could stretch extraordinarily like rubber and he was Black. One could morph into any black substance or reality and he was Black. One could fly and spit holes where she spit like acid spit or something and she was built smoky like the genie in Aladdin and she was Black.

A.N.T. Farm was a show that had little kids who had Advanced Natural Talents go to school with high schoolers and mingle with them. The main girl China was Black and her brother, dad and mother were all Black.

The Proud Family was a cartoon series that had Blacks and only a few characters weren't Black.

That's So Raven and Cory In The House had a Black family as the main family and one of the best friends of Raven was a Black guy.

The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody and The Suite Life On Deck had a Black manager that was like a father to the twins sometimes in their day-to-day lives and The Suite Life On Deck had a Black guy that became one of the best friends to the twins.

Pair Of Kings had brothers who were kings of somewhere, one being black and one being white.

So many more TV shows and movies than that have been and continue to be shown. Why do these race cards have to be saved and reused? Why can't they be discarded if there's no reason for them to not be destroyed? There are so many ethnicities in existence that are not extinct. Hollywood should just feel free to hire who they want and who can do the jobs required rather than try to appeal to the equality card. Cause with all the ethnicities, Hollywood will NEVER be able to show equal favor to ALL ethnicities in their every project. NO ONE in real life thinks "I can't associate with you because I already filled that ethnic quota in my life" or "I need to associate with you to fill that ethnic quota, hair color quota, etc."

You know what's ironic though? A lot of Blacks who cite racism problems themselves don't become friends with others outside the Black ethnicity. They only mingle within the Black community where the racism can stay alive and live longer.
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Very nicely written -logical, factual and effective!

Exhaustive analysis--very impressive. You do a real service here. Kudos!

So true.